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Calitzdorp Wedding – Ostrich Palace – Cameron & Ance

Ance booked me for her wedding in 2013 already, and basically all I knew was that they lived in New Zealand. She is originally from South Africa and has been living overseas for quite some time now. After the usual exchange of emails back and forth we finally met via Skype and that was a week before the wedding! When I arrived there on the Friday afternoon I was warmly welcomed and joined in the evening braai(or barbecue for our international readers) and by the end of the evening I knew everyone, I knew the families, I knew the Kiwis and I felt like an old friend! Thank you guys for that very warm welcome. The Saturday came and it was all stations go. They got married at the stunning Ostrich Palace just outside Calitzdorp. I just love the Little Karoo, it is such a peaceful place and the afternoon Karoo sunlight is just magic! When I say that Ance was one of my most stunning brides I have had in the last two years, I mean it, she is a classical beauty and her Hair and make-up, done by Karin Chan, was perfect. Her whole look was classical and to top it off, she wore a classical wedding dress made by her mother! It was a magic day with some magic mages that we created. Oh and be on the look out for Ance who jumped the fence like a true farm girl, IN HER DRESS! Thanks guys, it was awesome being there and sharing in your magic day! Now the question I think most will ask, what rugby team will the kids support, South Africa or the All Blacks LOL I hope you guys enjoy this short preview and please feel free to share.  

Trash The Dress Shoot – Cape Town – Shannon

A couple of months ago I shot the stunning wedding of Shannon and Pierre at Lourensford. Shannon booked an added Trash the Dress shoot with me as well. I highly recommend this to my brides. Here we have a couple of hours to shoot something awesome and be totally creative. There is no guests waiting for you, no one rushing you to get done with your photos. We just go out and get some amazing images. Oh and also, we will never TRASH a dress, unless you really want to off course ;) If the dress gets wet it can easily be dry cleaned and stored in the closet again. So do not be afraid, it will be some of the most fun you can have with your wedding dress on. We did Shannon's shoot at Oudekraal Beach and we had perfect weather. Although the water was a tad chilly, it was not freezing. She was a rock star and the fact that she previously did some modelling made that we got some incredible images. I hope you guys enjoy the images and please feel free to share with friends and family.

Stellenbosch Wedding – Pieter & Jacqueline

Today I share with you this stunning Stellenbosch wedding, the wedding of Pieter and Jacqueline. Now to cut a long story short, Jacqueline is the sister of one of my brides from last year, you can see their wedding HERE. I was very happy when they decided to book me for their wedding simply as they are a very cool family and I just knew the wedding would be fun. The wedding reception was held at the Protea Hotel TechnoPark in Stellenbosch and with that lovely view of the Stellenbosch mountains at sunset I can easily see why they choose that venue. We did the couple portraits at the Jan Kriel High School in their pine forest. I just love shooting in these forests, the light can be magical! And it was! The party was lots of fun and I really felt sorry for poor Pieter, the guys gave him al sorts of crap while he was doing his speech. I got some great action shots of the guys spraying him with streamers, but I know, its not always fun being on the receiving end. So please have a look, leave a comment and please feel free to share with friends and family.  

Happy Birthday my little Emily – Birth Photography

Today is a very special day in my house. My baby girl has turned one year old today! Its been a hectic week of planning the perfect birthday party and there has been candles and cupcakes early allready! As I am typing this it was exactly a year ago that she was born. Here is some of the images from that very special day, allong with a short story as how I remember it. The birth of our baby girl, Emily-Thea. The 10th of May 2013 was the date, and I am not going to lie, its a nervous feeling walking into that hospital and you are about to meet your child for the first time. It was set for 9am the morning so I was up at sparrows fart to be there on time while battling the peak hour traffic of Cape Town. Prepping started and the nerves crew and I was shooting every second of it, its an almost surreal feeling, documenting these things, its almost feels like you are not there yet you are...difficult to explain. One thing I must say is that the staff of Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital is outstanding! From the nurses who assisted us with the prepping, the checkin, everything. Every last detail was explained to us to the T, I cant recall one moment that I thought what the hell is going on now.Walking into the theatre you are confronted with machines, pipes and instruments that is all alien to us, after all the last time i was in theatre I was fast asleep, this was the first time I was awake and could see, hear, smell and feel everything.Karin took the spinal like a champ, it looked sore and it probably was until the drugs took their affect. There was quite a few funny moments as well, like the nurse with all teh stickers!Doctor De Jong did a sterling job and I knew exactly when what was going to happen, he counted down the seconds till when Emily will be out and he made sure that I was ready to shoot it.And then she came out.....Watching everyone work in unison was amazing, its like a well oiled machine, holding, handing, clamping etc all without one saying to the other what to do!I could cut the cord, quite nerving but yet its also quite surreal, I know she does'nt feel anything but yet you cant help but worry that you will hurt her.Now I could hold her the first time, she sat by me with her hands folded on her chest like as if she was praying, and till today, almost 7 weeks later she still lays like that when feeding.This was one of the biggest days in our lives and I can just thank everyone involved, from friends and family to the hospital staff, teh doctors and my wife, for being the champ she is and for being the loving mother she has become.Feel free to comment on the images, feel free to share them, after all i am sharing them with you guys.Thanks for all the wishes from everyone of the last couple of months, it has been one fun ride!  

Merwida Wedding – Rawsonville – Gert & Neleen

I photographed this stunning couple at the end of March at the Merwida Country Manour here in Rawsonville. To work with fun people is always good, lots of laughs and great moments. So lets share some of these great moments with you guys!

Trash the Dress Shoot – David & Zahn-Mari

Here is the part two from the next day after the wedding. As I mentioned in the first post, you can find it HERE, the party was of the hook and Zahn did a pretty good job of trashing the dress the night before LOL. So when I eventually woke them and we got them dressed it was almost 12pm LOL. So we headed down to the beach in Witsand to go play in the water and do their Trash the Dress shoot. Here is some of the images, please feel free to share with friends and family.

Witsand Wedding – Riverbreeze – David & Zahn-Mari

This was the second wedding on my road trip in the Garden Route. David and Zahn-Mari got married in Heidelberg at the Dutch Reformed church. On all these small country towns in South Africa you are bound to find a HUGE beautiful old church, and Heidelberg was no different. I met Zahn and David last year when I did their engagement shoot for them, here is the link, go and check it out! The reception was held at the stunning Riverbreeze overlooking the Breede River mouth. It was a picture perfect day, hardly a breath of wind and we enjoyed a lovely pastel coloured sunset that night. I just had to get a shot of that view with the two of them in and after climbing over some fences, wedding dress and all, we got a good spot and got one cracker of an image. The party started in all ernst and I must say, it has been my first wedding where the older folk out partied the younger generation! It did not matter what the DJ played that night, they where rocking it out! Well, let me not keep you to long with all that, here is the images from this stunning day! The second part is coming in a minute where we did their trash the dress shoot the next morning ;) Please feel free to share and go and leave a comment here or on my Facebook page .  

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