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Model Portfolio Shoot – Elna

I have been playing with some new techniques and lighting ideas here at the office. As its now out of wedding season I have been shooting lots of landscapes and other types of shoots I don't normally get chance to shoot. This is a model portfolio shoot I did recently I invited Elna to come and shoot with me at the office and we dod some portraits. I wanted to shoot everything in black and white and wanted the moody look. As my office is painted black, it worked great for the backdrop. Here is some of the images I got during the shoot. Please feel free to like, comment and share this post.  

Afternoon Landscape Photography Workshop – Kogelbay

On the first of August I held my first afternoon Landscape photography workshop. I hosted this at the spectacular Kogelbay beach just past Gordonsbay. This is a hands on workshop. I work with every person and answer their questions personally. I also have my camera set up so that I can show the people exactly what I will be looking for, what different settings does and how I would approach a scene and capture it. With the natural landscape there is a great composition that is very easy to use. On the day we had spectacular weather and according to the wetaher forcasts from and Windguru we where going to be treated with a warm day and LOTS of high clouds. What the forecasts did not show us was the very thick layer of haze that was all over the Western Cape on that day. It was so thick that it almost looked like a fog hanging just above the ground. To be honest I was quite worried at one stage as I have had similar conditions before and the haze simply killed all golden light from the setting sun. BUT, not on this day. We where treated with a spectacular sunset with soft pinks and purples in the sky. After I got everyone comfortable with the various settings and compositions We started shooting. I must say, I am quite blown away with some of the images from the group, there is some real crackers! Here is a small selection of some of my personal images captured during the workshop. Here is a few of the images from the people that attended the workshop. Katie Mayhew from Magical Moments In Time Photography Joanne McDonald Cathy Bell Tania Horsford from Tania Horsford Photography The next workshop will take place at Blouberg beach of the iconic Table Mountain. Dates will be anounced later this week so if you are interested in that, please contact me ASAP as I am sure it will fill up just as fast. Please have a look at the workshops tab on my page for all the current workshops.

Engagement Shoot – Worcester Cameron & Kerry-Ann

I did this engagement shoot for Cameron and Kerry-Ann a couple of weeks ago. They are planning a small and intimate wedding in Worcester in September and I am really looking forward to it. The good thing with small weddings is that I can spend lots of time with everyone. I become a friend and sometimes I even feel like a family member at these small weddings. To be honest, for two people that claimed they do not like photos or that they do not look good on photos, I think they look damn fine and very comfortable! So please feel free to let me know what you think.  

Cape Town Engagement Shoot – Matthew & Vicky

I did Matthew and Vicky's engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago. From the word go we had the V&A Waterfront on mind for their shoot. The waterfront is always a cool place and its always busy with lots of different people. I actually want to go for a day and just walk around with my camera and a 35mm lens and just shoot the busy life. We ended our shoot with an awesome craft beer at one of the small restaurants. At this restaurant there was the most awesome wine cellar and we are just glad that the management said we could use it for a couple of shots. I am really looking forward to this wedding in November!  

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