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Neethling Family Shoot

I had the privilege to capture this great family This is the family shoot of the Neethling Family. The three brothers, their wives and the kids, all together with grandpa and grandma. We did the shoot just outside Worcester where they got together for a family holiday. As some of them live overseas they had to grab the opportunity to get a family shoot done with all the family together. Please feel free to let me know what you think and please, like or comment or share this post.  

Maternity Shoot – Lizet & Johan

I recently had the pleasure of capturing a maternity shoot for this awesome couple. They where in Worcester on holiday from Douglas and thought this would be the perfect time for a maternity shoot. We did the shoot on their family's farm outside Worcester. We took a drive up to one of the hills in the area and we where greeted with a spectacular sunset and we had the most amazing light for a couple of minutes. We made the very best of it that we could, and I must say, I am extremely happy with the results. Please feel free to like, comment and share this post.  

Palmiet Valley Estate Wedding – Duncan & Natalie

This has probably been one of my favourite weddings that I have shot in a long time! Duncan and Natalie got married at the STUNNING Palmiet Valley estate just outside Paarl in the Western Cape. Duncan is South African and he grew up on the South Coast of Natal. I know the area a bit as my mom used to live there as well, so there was quite a few things we could relate to. He met his dashing english lass while he went on a working holiday over in the UK, and he has just decided to stay there, well we can see why. They invited a couple of their close friends and family over from the UK and from Natal and held their small wedding here in the Western Cape. To boot, we had a stunning windless day in Paarl, and I cant help but feel sorry for some of my new english friends as it must have felt like a blistering hot African summers day. But that did not stop the party. After we had some amazing light during our couple shoot, it was off to dinner and then the party really started. If it was not for the fact that I had to drive home I probably also would have gotten stuck in the shooters and partied the night away! Right, lets get to the images. Please feel free to like comment and share these images.  

Cascade Country Manor Wedding – Thulani & Salizwa

I have been looking forward to this wedding for quite some time. It was at a new venue for me, the Stunning Cascade Country Manor just outside Paarl in the Western Cape. The main feature of this venue is the ceremony area, it is right be a waterfall in a small gorge and the path leading up there is lined with old Olive trees. It was just a perfect day and everyone looked amazing. Salizwa wore a stunning dress and she was one stunning bride! Thulani and his groomsmen looked smashing in their navy blue suits. My very first wedding I did was an African wedding, and that was back in 2010. I just love to see the different cultures coming together and they way they express themselves. There was lots of singing and dancing, all traditional songs. Thanks again for the awesome day at such a stunning venue! Everything from the flowers to the food was stunning! Please feel free to like, comment and share this post.

Fitness Model Portfolio Shoot – Elmari

This has been my second Fitness Model portfolio Shoot that I have done with Elmari. Every time she just keeps getting better and better. Any modelling is all about confidence, and the more confidence you have in yourself the better the images will be. We shot some in my studio and then we shots ome more on location at an abandoned warehouse and the images we got was amazing. Please feel free to like, comment and share this post.  

Fitness Photoshoot – Talisa & Lindi

I love doing Fitness photoshoots, there is just something about that that really motivates a person. Its hours of really hard work and eating correct to look this amazing. Lindi and Talisa is friends that have been training with Carla Beukes, a South African fitness athlete. This was Talisa's first fitness competition and she wanted to do a shoot right before the big day. They both where complete rock stars and we got some amazing images. The best news is that Talisa went on and won her division, on her very first show! I can see a bright future for this fitness model in the making. Please feel free to like, comment and share this post. Talisa Lindi

Riebeek Kasteel Wedding – Hendri & Shelly

LONG POST ALERT!! What can one say about this wedding? This was my very first Riebeek Kasteel wedding and it was held at the stunning Het Vlock Casteel wedding venue. Hendri and Shelly booked me nearly a year ago. After the engagement shoot that we did at the end of August last year, I just knew it was going to be a great one. When people are relaxed on their wedding day it is damn hard not to get great images. Well what a day. Everything was picture perfect, from the reception area, the bride getting ready to the emotional service and to the awesome light we had during the couple shoot, to one epic party that I am sure went on to very late the next morning. And lets not forget the amazing food and one of the best Shiraz's that I have ever drank. Hendri & Shelly, thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer, it was one for the books for sure. Please feel free to like, comment and share this post.

Olive Rock Wedding – Jerado & Sonia

Who can still remeber the epic engagement shoot that I did with Jerado and Sonia? Well here is their wedding! Held at the awesome Olive Rock Wedding Venue just outside Ceres. What a stunning couple, both Jerado and Sonia could easily step into a glossy magazine and pull of the model look, and to have two great people like this to work with at a wedding makes our jobs so much easier. It was a great day, great weather and a great crowd. One of the special moments for me was when Jerado did his speech and he told a story of his grandpa. When he was 4 years old his grandpa told him he must buy a bottle of wine when they went to the bottle store one day. So he went ahead and chose a bottle, not knowing what it was at that stage. He then said that he was going to open the bottle on his wedding day to celebrate his grandpa. A week before the wedding he did a search for this particular bottle of wine, it turned out that that year was a collectors item now and was worth a whopping R12000! He said that he saw it as their wedding gift from his late grandpa. Man these things just gives me a lump in my throat. Well, here is the images, go and have a look and let me know what you think.  

Fashion Photoshoot – Mr & Mrs Worcester Gimnasium

Most highschools have their annual pageant for their Mr & Mrs. These are normally very prestigious events with huge amounts of planning involved. For the last 3 years I have been part of the Worcester Gimnasium pre selections of the finalists and and I have also been one of the main judges one year. I have done the event photography at all 3 these occasions. But this year I said to Mariette, who is the organizer, that I want to sponsor the photoshoots for all the finalists as well. I wanted to do a high fashion photoshoot. The theme was Elements, Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. One can be extremely creative with these shoots as one would really like to incorporate the actual elements as well. My very good friend Janel Blom did all the make up for this shoot, and its easy to see why she is one of the best that I have worked with. At the one shoot one of the kids mothers did not even recognise her! For wind I wanted to do something ethereal. We shot it in my studio with just the plain background and in editing I deleted out all the distractions to create this floating in air feel. So we set up some fans and loads of thin cloth that blew easily and so we started shooting. Next up was the Earth shoot, we decided to use the cloths throughout the theme as it ties in everything to look the same. We did the set up in an old dry dam just outside town on a very windy summers afternoon. We had the cloths fixed to the ground with big rocks. I wanted it to look like they where trying to climb out of the earth and it was trying to hold them back. For the water shoot I wanted to have them in the water. The first idea was to shoot them underwater, but it was going to be to expensive to rent an underwater housing for one afternoons shooting. So instead we went to the big public swimming pool in town. We draped them in the cloths and then I went up onto the diving board and shot down at them from above. To create this being floating in the dark watery abyss. For the fire Shoot we wanted REAL fire, plus my photoshop skills is way to crap to add in fake fire. I played with a couple of techniques and the usual consultation with youtube brought me to the idea of using a long shutter speed to capture the flames on a swinging cable behind the subject. I would then pump in one very bright flash to freeze the subject against the flames. Now this was the most tricky shoot as it was actually dangerous! The results speak for themselves! Thanks to the awesome finalists who where complete rock stars during the shoots. Thanks to all the make up and hair and late nights and whatsapp messages, this was a blast and I learned a heap of new things. Here are some of the images. WIND:   EARTH: WATER: FIRE:    

ABSA Cape Epic 2015 – Stage 4 – Worcester

The Absa Cape Epic is regarded as the Tour de France of the Mountain biking world. It it held annually here in the Western Cape of South Africa. As they change the route every year, the Epic has not come through my home town of Worcester in the last 3 years. The last year that it was here Burry Stander won it. Only to be killed later that year in a cycle accident. I still have some images of him racing from that year. So when I found out they where going to use Worcester as a base for one of the stages this year I was super excited. I got the chance to shoot the top riders in the world again! I found out where the route was going to go and I wanted a nice downhill section where I could get some good shots of the guys racing down. There was just such a downhill at the end of the stage, so I knew the guys where going to be really dirty and dusty and probably just want to finish now so they would be putting all their effort. I got set up and soon the choppers where hovering overhead. I got some cracker shots of the first teams. Here is just a couple of my favourite that was shot on that day. Please feel free to like, comment and share the images.    

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