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Paternoster Wedding – Keith & Meghan

This was my very first Paternoster Wedding and hopefully not my last one! But first, the story behind it. I got contacted by Keith on my Facebook page a couple of months ago. He was looking for a wedding photographer for their South African wedding that was going to happen in Paternoster on the West Coast of South Africa. Keith and Meghan will be having a second wedding in the USA as Meghan is originally from the States. The South African wedding was held at the spectacular Abalone House and Spa in Paternoster and I must say, a better venue they could not have asked for. As Murphy would have it, the weather was pretty crappy that week, after all the end of may is the turning of seasons here in South Africa and the Cape coast can be very unpredictable, but the weather gods of the almighty internet promised we where going to have a great day without any rain.... Well we had a small shower the morning but other than that it was perfect! Hardly a breath of wind. The only little hick up was the really high tides that nearly got the ceremony on the beach moved to main building, luckily the tide dropped enough and that was good to go as well! Now another part of the story I have not mentioned yet is that Keith is a very well known photographer himself, he specialises in wildlife photography and you can check out HIS WEBSITE HERE. So there was really no pressure on me...... I arrived the Friday afternoon and shortly after that I joined them all for dinner at the stunning Square Spoon restaurant and a lovely evening was had by all. At the end of the night I felt like I was there as a guest and not as a service provider. The wedding day ran smoothly and everything was just amazing! After our amazing dinner at the Reuben's Restaurant at the Abalone House, the festivities started.... And man, what a party. I shot a total of nearly 3300 images on the day, a new record for me when shooting by myself! There was some amazing dance moves(which was allegedly by their twin brothers and sister) and even greater bar tricks, as you will see in the post. A trick called Fireworks saw beer being sprays and shooters dunked into glasses, totally epic stuff! To have the weekend come to an end was almost a let down. I really wish that I could have been present for the main wedding in the states, as I am sure the South Africans going over will show them how the party is supposed to be done. The American friends and family that did not make the South Africa one will have to reach deep to even compare to this one LOL. Well without further delay, here is the pictures, and please bear with me, I tried to keep it as short as I could!

Model Portfolio Shoot – Ellen

Ellen asked me to shoot her Model portfolio for her as she is entering the Miss Deaf SA and needed some professional images for her entry and also just to start building a portfolio. This was her very first shoot she has done and it was understandable that she was a tad nervous, but that faded away so quick and after that she completely rocked it. Thanks guys for an amazing shoot. Feel free to like comment and share.

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