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West Coast Wedding – Veldrif Wedding – Adrian & Marlene

This was one of the weddings that I was looking forward to the most so far this year. Adrian and Marlene had their Veldrif Wedding in the small fishing village on the West Coast of South Africa. I have not been to Veldrift in many years and it was actually awesome to be there. There is some amazing places in and around that little town. It is probably best known for the small street called Bokkomlaan, that is situated on the banks of the Berg River estuary and you can see all the fishermen and the old jetties and the little fishing boats. The birdlife is simply amazing with huge flocks of flamingos wading in the shallows all over the place. But enough of that. I know Marlene from school, as her brother, Attie, was with me in the class and we were good friends. But like most people, you lose touch with your old school friends after school and this was the first time in nearly 10 years that I have seen them again. So we caught up on loads of stuff. What an awesome wedding, Adrian and Marlene were super rockstars the whole day, even thou Adrian forgot his wedding shoes at home and a friend had to drive all the way back to fetch them! We simply could not have asked for better weather, being a winters wedding, there is always the chance of a torrential downpour, but not that weekend, it was stunning days, cold but clear and vibrant, not to mention the picture perfect sunsets. Thanks for having me Adrian and Marlene, it was an awesome wedding, one to remember for sure!

Proposal Shoot – Jaco & Martin

This was only my second Proposal shoot and it was very special! Jaco contacted me a while ago about doing a couple shoot for him and Martin. He then mentioned that it was his intention to pop the big question during the shoot. This got me excited. I just LOVE these special moments I get to share with my clients. Jaco said that I should choose the spot and the moment and he will get down on his knee and pop the question. I found the perfect spot where I could stand back and be out of earshot so they could have this special moment for themselves. I kept firing away and as soon as the question was popped and the ring was on the finger I came in close. Even I had a big lump in my throat! The rest of the shoot was just as awesome, but lets not keep you waiting, go and check it out! Thanks again to Charmaine from Die Eike Guesthouse and Wedding venue for opening your doors for us and this special shoot.

Robertson Wedding – Bon Cap Wedding – Luan & Jeanre

This was another winters wedding, the second one in a row for me. This stunning Robertson wedding was held at the awesome Bon Cap Guest Farm and wedding venue just outside Robertson. Jeanre and Luan booked me nearly a year ago and by the time of the wedding they have been together just shy of 8 years! So it was about time. One thing that amazed me, and I don't see this at weddings to often, is that Luan must have said about 500 times during the afternoon and where I could hear, how beautiful Jeanre was! Like I said, you don't often hear this at other weddings, so that was quite special for me. But look, he did not really have a choice other than to say that as Jeanre looked spectacular! Her long hair was left loose with minimal styling and it really looked amazing. I personally think that more brides should have their hair loose on their wedding days. Michelle and her team from Bon Cap did an amazing job once again with the decor and the food! Well, enough of this now, lets look at some awesome images!

Commercial photography – Ancient Spirit clothing

Ancient Spirit is a boutique clothing store in Riebeeck Kasteel in the Swartland Here is some images I did for their new Winter range. For the ladies out there, these clothing items are simply gorgeous and at a great price as well. Look them up and give them a contact.

Actor Head shots – Liaan

This was the second shoot myself and Liaan did together. When he contacted me for a booking to shoot some new Actor Head shots for his portfolio, I had to jump at it. I love shooting portraits and Liaan is amazing to work with. We shot in my studio one morning and we nailed some amazing images. Keep an eye out for Liaan, you might just see him in one of the new block buster films out one of these days.

Model Beach Shoot – Wilmarie

Wilmarie works in Dubai and was in Cape Town recently on holiday. We have been chatting for some time already about the Model Beach shoot that she wanted to do. So we finally did it when she was here in early June. Thank goodness it was not that cold that day. We shot at the stunning Clifton and because it was cloudy, we had the whole beach to ourselves. Let me know what you think of the images and please feel free to share.

Model Shoot – Ballerina, Simone

This was my third model shoot with the stunning Simone Botha. She is a professional ballerina from Cape Town and she is also fantastic in front of the camera. So when I had some time to kill before a recent shoot in Cape Town, I asked her if she was available, and she was! With her hectic schedule of films and theatre productions we just had to do this shoot right there and then. We tried to add a bit of her ballet with a more fashion. sexy feel, and I think we did awesome. Well have a look and decide for yourself.  

Engagement Photography – Tinus & Michelle

As murphy would have it, photoshoots don't always go to plan! For the engagement photography session that we planned, we wanted to do some landscape panoramic images over the Slanghoek Valley in Rawsonville. We had a sunlight mountain in mind in the background, but...The morning of the shoot was some of the thickest fog I have ever seen in our valley. As I always say, roll with the punches! I honestly think that the job description next to the profession of photographer in the dictionary MUST be A Problem Solver because that is what we do 90% of the time. Well, we got some amazing shots in the fog, it just adds another element to the images, one tat you dont see often. Let me know what you think, and feel free to share.

Fitness Photoshoot – Carla Beukes

Carla and Myself did this Fitness Photoshoot only days before she left for the Arnold Classic that was held in Johannesburg. She was in tip-top shape and we created some awesome images. Please feel free to leave a comment or a share.  

Family Shoot – Mc Donald Girls

I was booked by Jeanine for this Family Shoot. They were in Cape Town for a short break, just the Mom and two daughters. It was a surprise for their mom. We did the shoot late afternoon on Clifton beach in Cape Town. Man, it was one of those perfect autumn days with warm weather and not a breath of wind. We had some of the most amazing light ever and that made the images even better. After lots of laughs that afternoon we all headed home. Please feel free to share with friends.

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