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What happened to the Dewald Kirsten Photography website in 2013???

Hallo everyone, this will be my first post from my NEW and fresh website! Last year was quite busy and in so I had the bright idea that my website needed a rebuild. My original idea of how I wanted it was very difficult to do in the end so we have just settled on doing a more traditional site with some very clearly marked sections that will show of my other work as well, and not JUST weddings. Dewald Kirsten Landscape photographer Lone Creek Falls Mpumalanga South Africa I shoot lots of landscapes and in the future I want to make this a big part of my business. I also do quite a bit of commercial work for some people, and often its not glamorous shoots, but there is a big market for it and nobody knew that I did shoots like that as well. Sooo, that is the reason for the big change. I am sure people came to my site looking for a commercial or landscape photographer and ended up leaving simply because they did not see any of my work on my old website. So what happened in 2013:   I shot 19 weddings, a host of portfolio shoots and commercial stuff. I traveled and shot some awesome landscapes. I also hosted my second landscape photography workshop at the stunning Kagga Kamma Private reserve, which was a huge success. I have made connections with some great friends and then there was also the people that I didn't get allong with so well. I had my very first magazine shoot published in the My Wedding Day magazine and also had some of my images used for an article in the Sarie Bruid magazine. Rawsonville wedding Dewald Kirsten Wedding photographer Western Cape   On a personal level, my baby girl was born! Emily-Thea, she is the most adorable little girl ever and I am not shy to say that she has me wrapped around her little finger. I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph the whole birth, so now I can relive that amazing day when ever I want to. I will do a full blogpost on that with images. It is also an avenue I would really like to shoot more often. Dewald Kirsten Landscape Photographer I have made the decision not to post every singel wedding and shoot here on the blog, instead I will post a link to the album on my Facebook page. My Facebook page was kept up to date as I could even do that from my mobile. I also did not want to do major posting on the page and then had to redo all of the posts on the new website. I don't really like doing it this way to be honest, but it will take me a couple of weeks to upload and do every post from last year. So I will be doing a highlights section to 90% of my work and then I will be doing a post for each of my selected favourite shoots. In the coming years, i will be starting to share quite a bit of my knowledge on here as well, from shooting to editing to planning your shoots. I will also do video footage which will be posted on my youtube channel and just linked back to my site again, so all will be able to see it. Also my long term plan is to do a couple of e-books on various subjects in photography, but landscapes would feature the most. My Wedding Day Magazine Styled shoot Okay so not to keep you waiting, here is the list of weddings and shoots that I did. Please feel free to leave a comment on them on my Facebook page if you like any of it. Arian & Riani - Wedding - Garden Route Oppi Plaas wedding venue Friends from Holland Shoot - Cape Town Photo Shoot Styled Forest wedding shoot - My Wedding Day Magazine Francois & Carla - Tulbagh Wedding Mothers and Daughters shoot Andre & Ricarda wedding - Lords Guesthouse  Birth of my baby girl, Emily-Thea Jaco & Mariaan Wedding - Waverley hills Christie & Chriselda maternity Shoot Carla & Elmarie Fitness portfolio Shoot Andries & Minette Engagement Shoot Anja Matric Farewell Shoot - Matjiesfontein Rehan & Yolandie Wedding - Nuy Valley Guesthouse  Jaco & Magdelle wedding - Olivae Olive Estate Zahn-Mari & David Engagement Shoot - Swellendam Andrew & Elana Engagement Shoot - Stellenbosch Andrew & Elana Wedding - Nitida / Cassia Durbanville Rozanne Portfolio Shoot - Paarl Eugene & Alicia Wedding - Goudini Rawsonville Herko & Erika Engagement shoot - Blouberg beach Andries & Minette Wedding - Rawsonville Herko & Erika Wedding - Kliplapa Robertson There you have all the major shoots and weddings I did in 2013. Please follow the links and feel free to comment on the albums on Facebook. As soon as the site is running, I will start to post some of my favourite and most popular shoots right here on the blog and I will also post all my upcoming weddings and other shoots right here, first for all to see! Thanks again for all the support from you guys and I hope to be hearing from all of you soon!

How UN-photogenic are you really?

You know, over the last 3 years of doing photography as a profession I have met people from far and wide, big to small, tall and short and pretty and some not so pretty. I have photographed them all. I have done weddings with people I have met just the day before, I have done shoots with super sexy girls in bikinis and I have photographed men with beer bellies, heck I am not the skinniest guy out there. But if there was one term that I hear EVERY SINGLE TIME at either a wedding or a corporate shoot or where ever.... I am not photogenic. If I could claim one liter of fuel for my car then I am pretty darn sure I would not have to fill up my car for a very long time! So what makes us so un-photogenic?? The answer is ourselves, we make ourselves un-photogenic! Recently I watched a new commercial by the cosmetic company Dove, and to be honest, it was that commercial that sparked me to write this article. So why are you un-photogenic? Well, its simple, we see what we don’t like in ourselves, its that simple. Ah my arms is to fat, my chin is to long, my nose is to pointy, my boobs are sagging...whatever it is that you don’t like about yourself, THAT will be the reason that you see yourself as un-photogenic. We are strange people and we see the negative easily in ourselves, yet...if you ask someone else who have met you to describe you, there will be a totally different picture of you! Sometime we just need to step out of our comfort zone and see ourselves through other peoples eyes. I see it week after week at weddings, even with brides that is really pretty! My favorite thing is when they are all dolled up and ready and I start to do the bridal portraits and I show them one of the very first shots that I get of them, and they go: OMG!! Is that me in the picture?? I just love it! But why do I love it so much? Simply because they never thought that they could be that beautiful! And for once they see themselves through the eyes of a different person. Yes we might “pose” the bride in a flattering way and what ever, but that is how she looks! Take away the make up and the styled hair and its the same person, that is how you look EVERY DAY! Lat year I photographed about 60 professional people for a company profile and from the lot there must have been about 5 that did not walk in, greet me and straight after that said “I hope you can photoshop cause i am not photogenic” There was even some that made me take about 5 images of themselves, and they where unhappy with EVERY SINGLE ONE! To me they looked the same in each picture, but to them they where ugly people... In the end, that is how you look, if you are going to be critical and full of crap with how you look, then you will never ever be happy about anything about yourself. You will always look ugly to yourself even in the most expensive fashion garments.... People, you ARE NOT UGLY, you are you, and only you can be you! The commercial I watched was hard hitting and so true, and to see some of the women actually cry when seeing the comparison between how they described themselves as to how other people described themselves was totally amazing! People will see your bright smile or the sparkle in your eyes, NOT your skew tooth, or the blemish on your forehead! To strangers or other people, even those you know very well, you are stunning, stay that way and don't change, or try to change or try to force us to believe the fact that you believe you are ugly. As I deal 90% of the time with women, this article is for you ladies... Those little laughing wrinkles by your eyes and at the corners of your mouth, that is character! I will not photoshop that. In fact i often say to ladies that is requesting that I photoshop them on a shoot or their wedding day: “Just remember that when you get your images or post it to Facebook and everyone goes Ohhh and aahhhh over it, that when they see you next time in person, the first thing they will thing is, Oh my hat, she got fat after her wedding/photo shoot” and ladies, that is true! They will never tell you that but they will think it! That is why I simply do not do any modification to any body parts from any shoot. Yes I will remove a pimple or an unsightly blemish, but that is where it stops. So with this, I want to challenge the ladies out there, if you seriously think you are un-photogenic, contact me, come and I will take some images of yourself and show you that you are wrong. So till next time, I really hope to be hearing from some of you, feel free to mail me or comment on this article and if you feel you have a friend that must be shown how stunning he/she is, share this article with them. My sincere regards to all the stunning ladies, and guys, out there. Dewald PS: Feel free to comment, share or just like this post, after all, its for you guys that I have written this.  

Bon Cap Winery Robertson – Wedding – Angie & Anthony

So here it is, finally, after battling to get my blog back up so I can post again, the wedding of Angie and Anthony. They wedding was held at the stunning Bon Cap Winery and Wedding Venue here in Robertson. Now to give a little background on this wedding. Ant id from the UK and Angie is from South Africa. So they decided to get married back here in SA and most of the guests was from either abroad or upcountry! Guests from the UK, the USA and Australia was present, and its awesome to see all these people from different corners of the world get together and party up a storm. They had this stunning old MG as a wedding car, it was a surprise for Angie as she thought that she would just go to the wedding in her dads car, and then this gem of a car arrived at the guesthouse that she was getting ready at. Before I went to the ladies, I first had to "help" Anthony with his bow tie! Now being a wedding photographer I have had to help quite a few grooms fold their ties, I have helped brides zip up their dresses and I have helped bride put on their shoes, but NEVER have I had to tie a bow tie! With a little reading of the instruction manual I got it half decent for the grooms pictures LOL. One of his family members later on did a proper bow tie for him. All good fun on a wedding day! Well enough of that, here is the images, feel free to share as many times as you like or leave a comment for them. Please follow THIS LINK to see the full album on my facebook page. Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie

Engagement Shoot – Paint Ninjas – Jaco & Magdelle

Here is the Engagement Shoot of Jaco and Magdelle. Now to start this off, when they booked me they said they did not want to do an engagement shoot as they have been together for so long yhada yhada yhada LOL So I said that its included in the price anyway, so when Magdelle mailed me a few weeks later with this idea I JUMPED at it. Paint wars, so awesome. And I could feel the excitement in their mails, so I knew it was going to be great fun. We started the shoot of with some "normal" photos and then they went to put on their war clothes and it started. Lots of laughs and sneezes later they looked like the creature from the Blue Lagoon LOL So here it is, let me know what you think and feel free to share! See more image on Facebook, please follow THIS LINK Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle

Bon Cap Wedding Venue – Robertson – Stephan & Loreen

So I met Stephan and Loreen almost a year ago, their wedding was supposed to be late last year but due to some family members having babies and all sorts, they had to postpone it. So when they eventually let me know that it was on again, I was super excited, plus it was now going to be at one of my favourite wedding venues, Bon Cap, just outside Robertson. So the day came and what a stunning day it was. I just love working with people that is relaxed and not stressing, it just makes for stunning images. And the best part of Bon Cap is that there is so much to work with for photos, from vineyards, open fields of grass, the stunning moody wine cellar chapel they have and many more. Loreen's dress was made by the stunning Ilse Roux, I just love her dresses and I have had quite a good number of brides with her dresses. Thank you guys for choosing me to capture your stunning wedding, I am looking forward to all the comments and please feel free to share. To see the full album, please go view it on my Facebook page, just follow THIS LINK   Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen

DuVon Wedding Robertson – Dirk & Janke

Dirk and Janke, there is so much to say about this awesome couple. Its not often that you find such an in-love couple, they could hardly stop looking at each other and poor Dirk could not resist to sneak a kiss or two with Janke even before the minister could say "you may kiss the bride" LOL The wedding was held the stunning DuVon estate outside Robertson. Everything was done really simple and stylish, I like simple decorations, to much is much. After the ceremony there was some heavy clouds in the area and I knew we where going to get some nice photos of the couple with the clouds. But one photo I got, one that I will share at a later stage, is very special to me. Its an image of their reflection in the stunning old car they had as a wedding car. Janke wore an Elizabeth Stockenstrom dress, I simply lots of detail and it fitted her like a glove. So without further adue, here is the images from their wedding. The full album will be posted on my Facebook page, just follow THIS LINK Venue: DuVon Estate Dress: Elizabeth Stockenstrom Make-up: Tittewyt Hair & Make-up Hair: Anelda, House Of Hair 023 3421907 Video: Beautiful Noise DuVon Wedding - Dirk & Janke DuVon Wedding - Dirk & Janke DuVon Wedding - Dirk & Janke

Eensgezind Wedding Durbanville – Kevin & Monica

I have been looking forward to the wedding of Kevin and Monica for the whole year already. I just knew it was going to be a cracker. After doing their engagement shoot my expectations was even higher, they are both stunning people. From the getting ready, the church, the family portraits and the formal photos was just one pleasure to shoot. And lets not talk about the party!! One of the best DJ's that we have worked with at a wedding and one of the best MC's, man that guys was funny! Then there was the sunset..... the best sunset I have seen in many months and we where so lucky to get some cracker images there as well. Kevin and Monica, thank you so much for choosing me, thank you for making these stunning images! Please view the full album on my Facebook page, here is the LINK to the album. Looking forward to reading the comments on this one! Venue: Eensgezind Bride Make up: Sanmarie Make-up Artist Bride getting dressed venue: Fire & Ice Hotel CPT DJ: TR Sound & LIghting - Johan Kotze Eensgezind Wedding - Kevin & Monica Eensgezind Wedding - Kevin & Monica Eensgezind Wedding - Kevin & Monica Eensgezind Wedding - Kevin & Monica Eensgezind Wedding - Kevin & Monica Eensgezind Wedding - Kevin & Monica Eensgezind Wedding - Kevin & Monica Eensgezind Wedding - Kevin & Monica Eensgezind Wedding - Kevin & Monica

Stepping out of your comfort zone…. The Dewald Kirsten Story

I have been married now for 2 and a half years to my lovely wife and now we have baba on the way as well, sjoe, some big steps there in life LOL, anyway, let me tell you guys a bit more about my photography career. When I was in grade 12 at school I was quite "arty" I used to sketch quite a bit and was pretty good at it, so I decided to go study photography, as I figured it will be WAAYYY faster to take a picture than to draw it. Back then digital was a thing of the future(in the year 2000....) LOL. If I am correct the top of the range DSLR cameras was only rocking like a 5 or 6 megapixel sensor! To cut a long story short I did not get a place at the college, so the day after my final exams, my dad, who had a plumbing shop back then, just said that I start the next morning at the shop. Not much I could do about it to be honest. 2001 Started and I worked for 4 months at Swartland Winery, hard work and not to bad pay back then. It was a seasonal job so after the 4 months it was back to the plumbing shop. I started getting good at it and I really enjoyed selling plumbing goods. Unfortunately my dad had to close the shop later that year due to the lack of business in a small town. Here I landed my first "big" job with a big hardware store in Table View, so off I went into the big wide open to the bright lights of Cape Town! Oh and wasn't they bright! Man we had a great time, great parties and not so great hangovers, but hell, what is one supposed to be like at the ages of 20-25, life should be a blur of wine, woman and song, not always in that order but you get the idea LOL. I ended up spending 9 years in total in the plumbing industry, and I have seen my share of toilets, taps and geysers, I was rocking it back then, it was fun and we had a great team. I met my wife in 2007, the year the global recession started, so in 2008 the booming property industry went, well, BOOM and many jobs where lost. In 2009(this is a long story for another day) I lost my job. We have also just gotten engaged and where planning a wedding, so just imagine the shock. But as they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! In October that year I got a payout from my pension fund.... R36000 odd rand, for 5 years of hard labour for a boss! At that stage I was doing fly fishing trips as well, so in the back of my head I had this idea that I will be living on a tropical island guiding rich retired guys everyday, chasing monster Kingfish and bonefish on the flats and so forth, but I soon realized that that industry needs LOTS of money to make money and 36K was not going to cut it. At that stage I was in between two choices, buy a decent camera or go on a Tigerfish trip to the Zambezi, a trip I was busy marketing at that stage. Later that day i walked past the Kodak shop in the mall and there was the camera I wanted on a special.... so I bought it. At the stage I had no idea how what works and I had a small understanding of aperture and shutter speed. I have also put away enough money to cover all my basic expenses for 6 months, that should be enough time to find a job, right, right?? Nope, 6 months went past very quickly and I still had no job and we had a wedding coming up soon. So one day I went past the high school down the road from me here in Worcester(oh sorry, forgot to mention, I have since moved to Worcester from Cape Town), Montana High. There was a friendly cricket game on between the girls of the high school and the teacher was so kind to let me take some shots, after the game I got R450 rands worth of orders for the photos!! Kaching! I thought, well from there on it started, I photographed many school events and a host of other stuff in between. And here I am today, been doing this full time for almost 3 years now and loving every second of it! Yes there is its ups and downs and late nights and all the jazz that any other business has, but it is worth it. SOOOOO, you might be asking why the title? Well we got married in 2010, and with no money to spend, we did lots of the stuff ourselves, man I tell you, you can do a super wedding on a low budget(EXCEPT FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHER LOL) and it rocked, people are today still talking about the big party we had. We had a friend take some photos for us and my wife's uncle as well. I even took some as well, but at that stage my knowledge was limited and although we where happy back then with the photos. The better I got the less I wanted to show any of our photos, looking back now, I should have gotten a seasoned pro to do the photos, payed some bucks and got the job done right. So now you can very well imagine that every time we would meet new people and I will tell them I am a photographer and show them some of my shots, the first question they will ask is: "So..Who shot your wedding?" So we finally decided do redo our wedding photos, now when we told that to some people, the first question they would ask is, "who will that be?" Obviously I will be supper full of S&^$t LOL, but I met this awesome girl, Celeste Prince. Her photography business is called Aglow Photography (follow the links to get to her profile on facebook and her website). She has assisted me with some weddings and back then I still said that one day I will be assisting her! So I asked her to do the shoot, and she jumped at the opportunity and so it was all arranged. Karin wore her wedding dress and I wore a suit!! I did not even wear a suit at my wedding! We shot at the stunning Die Eike Guesthouse in Rawsonville. We went all out, hair and make up(by the stunning Janel van Graan) the works. I just told Celeste that I am in her hands, I was not going to say or do anything, she had full control. It was fun, so with in this is my title. One has to step out of your comfort zone and see things from a new angle, do it in any job and you will appreciate your profession so much more! Leave it for a brief moment up to someone else to show you again how things should be done. It was weird in the beginning not to be behind the camera, but it felt good! By the way...we where about 2 weeks pregnant at this stage, LOL, we didnt know yet so we are saying we are having a honeymoon baby LOL So ladies and gents, after reading that super long post, here is the pictures, enjoy, leave your comments and feel free to share and go and follow Celeste, her work is stunning!  

Shawn & Nerina Wedding – Matjiesfontein – Lord Milner Hotel

Soooo, where does one start with a wedding like this one?? Hmmmm now let me think...maybe the beginning is the right place. The first time I heard from Nerina was early this year, most likely in March or April only and from the start I was hoping that I would be able to do this wedding as it was going to take place in the fabled Matjiesfontein, a small train station in the Karoo. In short terms, its a one horse town and that horse died about 15 years ago. The only thing that is keeping this Matjiesfontein alive is the amazing Lord Milner Hotel! It was built many years ago by the British colonials as an outpost. Since then it has become a very prominent spot on the Cape Town - Johannesburg route, first it was the railway and now the N1 highway, and should you be traveling down this route, make sure to stop in Matjiesfontein for a cold one. Well back to the wedding. I did Shawn and Nerina's Engagement Shoot in that week before the wedding and then I knew they where going to make some really special images, but what we got was something I was not expecting! The decor in the hotel is OLD, and so it added to the whole vintage theme of the wedding. The reception was held in the old Matjiesfontein car museum and to see some of these old classics was just as cool as the wedding! With a small reception, there was no need to even remove the cars from the building, so it added to the whole feel. Nerina wore this stunning Elizabeth Stockenstrom wedding dress, and it fitted her like a glove! A little history about the couple, well they met a couple of years ago in Korea while Nerina was teaching english there, Shawn is in the US Army and he was stationed there for some time. Now they are living in Kansas in the States. Well, to sum it up, its was an amazing wedding, and I am so happy to share this album with everyone. So feel free to share and comment, I cant wait to read them all. Oh and lastly, I was "assisted" by the amazing Jo-Ann Stokes, go and check out her work on her site. Thanks Jo-Ann, hopefully there will be many more and thanks for the great friendship! Please view the full album on my Facebook page, just follow THIS LINK   Matjiesfontein wedding - Shawn & Nerina Matjiesfontein wedding - Shawn & Nerina Matjiesfontein wedding - Shawn & Nerina Matjiesfontein wedding - Shawn & Nerina Matjiesfontein wedding - Shawn & Nerina Matjiesfontein wedding - Shawn & Nerina Matjiesfontein wedding - Shawn & Nerina

Do you want to be an amazeballs dancer? Then you better hire an amazeballs DJ!

Looking for a DJ for your wedding? Want to know what to look for? Then please read the rest of this post, there is some vital info that will help you make the right choice. What is the two VITAL things of a wedding day that your guests will remember?? No 1: The food! If you had great food, that will be the first thing that your guests will brag about, and this is not only for brides, venues and planners, take note, if you serve bad food, you WILL NOT be famous with the guests. Great food will be a hit, time and time again, even I, who have shot at many venues, will tell a bride that the food was great at a certain place. But enough of the food....the other important factor. No 2: The DJ! hell yeah, you want your drunken and not so drunk friends to party just as hard! Man I have seen the greatest parties, and I can name a tiny few that was so awesome that at 22:00 when I was done with the shooting, I actually wanted to pack my gear away and party just as hard with them! 99% of these cases was due to the awesome DJ! That other 1% is the great crowd of guests. Why is the DJ so important, well if the food is being served at 8pm and every one is done by 9pm, its the classic Sunday-afternoon-after-lunch syndrome, tummy full, eyes closed and then you start to see guests slowly filtering away to their rooms, that you don't want, this is a party! Yes some of the older folks will leave early but then I have also seen a grandma or two boogie deep into the night. So...if the DJ has some wicked tracks playing, it will keep your friends in the party spirit, and soon they will forget that their stomaches is full! Along with the dancing and partying the drinks will flow freely, and your party animals start to slowly creep out of the holes that they hide in for their nocturnal life, and that is what we as photographers love!! Party animals is the soul of receptions and they make for some insane shots! Here is a few images of some of my fav animals, some times its also a good thing that I can leave at 10pm as not long after that I also start to creep out of my hiding place and then there will be incriminating pictures taken of me LOL, now that I cant allow! Bad DJ’s, man they can kill a party, I have literally seen some DJ’s sit there and play for themselves! They are singing and swinging their arms behind their mixer/cd player or what ever it is that some of these guys have, and this all to the tune of Living Next Door To Alice....and with an empty dance floor and the drunk guys in the bar shouting ALICE, ALICE, WHO THE F&%$K IS ALICE after every chorus! Not  cool. I have also had a DJ at one wedding where he was also playing more for himself than the guests, so I went up to him and I said, dude, I need to get photos of people dancing! Get them on the floor, play, Shuffle It or Tonights gonna be a good night or just make plan, so 5 minutes later, he did, and guess what, we had about 30 people on the floor! I am a lover of classic golden oldie hits, stuff that will rock the show, but it must be a good mix, if I have to listen to Smokie or Grease Lightning’s soundtrack the whole night I will die a slow death, even though I love the songs, the same goes for guys like Eminem or Black Eyed Peas or who ever is playing the latest hit on the radio....Somehow Pockerface just comes to mind, a song that can very quickly be turned into a very rude, below the belt joke by the drunk best man LOL How should brides choose a DJ? Well firstly, YOU need to tell him what music will get your crowd going, house music, classical music, hip hop or what ever, give them a list of your and your friends fav artists and see if he has them and if he doesn't, can het get the music. Then get some references from him, brides who's weddings he did and contact them, hell it can be an expensive mistake to make for your wedding day. They will quickly tell you if he had a good party with said DJ. As the other providers, the photographer, the videographer, the venue and then friends for some recommendations. If there is a name that pops up a couple of times, then you sort of know that guy is good.... Meet the DJ, sort out all monies etc with him beforehand, you don't want a DJ to start putting up a scene later the night as he wants his money now, before the wedding all parties must know exactly how the finance parts of the wedding work. The other option is having a live band! But this could also be risky, don't get an alternative bad for a traditional wedding LOL, that will just be wrong and you might end up getting a rude letter from grandma who will think that you have let the anti Christ loose on them hahahaha. Bands is awesome, there is nothing that will get a crowd going than some really good cover songs like summer of 69 and the likes! Not only should the guys be good performers, but also entertainers. If I could do my wedding over, I would have had a band. For light morning weddings or just some good back ground music during dinner or the service or while everyone is having pre-drinks, get a instrumental group, flutes, pianos, saxophones etc, that is always a good hit and it sets a nice relaxed mood. there is some really talented boys and girls out there that will rock the socks of any wedding. Choosing your DJ is just as important as the right dress/suit/photographer and equally important as the food. We as photographers will gladly share some of our fav contacts as this will just help us get great images! Let me know what your thoughts is, always great to hear what others think, and feel free to share this with your friends who is looking for a DJ. I hope my pointers was worth it, now everyone should be amazeballs dancers at their weddings LOL    

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