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Matric Farewell shoot – Rugen & Tiffany

It's that time of the year again where it's one Matric farewell shoot after the other. Here is one I did in May for the stunning Rugen and the even more stunning, Tiffany from Bree Rivier High. Please feel free to comment and share.

Brinksfontein Guestfarm Moordernaars Karoo

I was asked by Rae from the Brinksfontein Guestfarm, in the Moordernaars Karoo, to come and shoot the farm and the guesthouse for them. I doesn't take much convincing for me to go to the Karoo for 3 days. So off we went, the family with as well for this trip. We were treated by Rae for 3 days and to say that my little girl Emily enjoyed it, is an understatement! She still talks about it now nearly 2 months later. The farm is situated about 60km from Laingsburg in the Karoo. This area is pretty desolate and with the recent droughts in South Africa, it's even dryer than usual. But one thing about the Karoo is the time, here you can literally feel the time stand still. We also planned this trip to coincide with new moon, so we could capture the best of the Karoo night skies, and man was that amazing. For anyone living in a decent size town, you will know that you hardly get to see the milky way at night, here it felt like you could really touch it, it's amazing! We were also treated to a show by a pair of nesting Black/Verreaux's Eagles. They can be spotted early morning or late afternoon, from the porch of Brinksfontein! There isn't many places where you can do that! Well here is some images from the trip and the venue, please feel free to share or contact Rae via the linked text up above.

Fitness Model Shoot – Mischka

With the winter season being the season for the fitness industry's main competitions, there is plenty of fitness athletes that want to shoot as they are at the peak of the game. Mischka wanted to do a fitness model shoot and so we did. It took a bit of planning, as it does when you want to do it right. We shot an afternoon here in my home town of Worcester at a couple of locations. Here is just a small selection from this awesome shoot. Please feel free to share.

Same Sex Couple Shoot – Bennie & Uhann

I had the privilege to do another same sex couple shoot with this stunning couple. I did Bennie & Uhann's wedding almost 3months ago and now we did another shoot. I wanted to expand my portfolio for same-sex couples a bit and I asked them if they would be keen to do another shoot. And they were! We shot on Blouberg beach on a cool cloudy day with stunning light. But let me not keep you longer, here is some of the pictures!

Model portfolio shoot – Lee-Ann

I often get girls and guys who come to shoot their very first model portfolio shoot with me. I love these shoots, as is it lets one be creative and you get to work with some awesome people. Lee-Ann has been in front of the camera once or twice but more for fun shoots and not a full on shoot. She wanted to do 3 looks, one sexy, one smart and one fun. So we decided to work with an industrial type location, the last two was done in my studio. For the last look, we covered her in paint! Man that was fun and messy. I felt so sorry for her afterwards as we had to literally spray her down with the garden hose, and the water was COLD. Here is some of the images, please feel free to share.

Worcester Couple Shoot – Gideon & Gretha

I recently had the pleasure of meeting this lovely couple for their Worcester Couple shoot. We shot at a few locations all over Worcester and when we finally got to the last location, we were swarmed by tiny biting insects. I would say that the great images made up for all the scratching the next week LOL. Here is some of those images, feel free to share.

Bon Cap Wedding – Jaco & Chanie

I just love a good Bon Cap wedding. Its one of the best venues in the Robertson area for sure! This is my last wedding for this half of the 2016 wedding season and it was one of my first at Bon Cap in quite some time. But it's not the last for 2016! This is really how small the world is. Jaco and Chanie booked me via Michelle, the owner of Bon Cap. They live and work in Holland and when they came to South Africa over December, we just had a squeeze in a quick meeting. So as meetings go, we chatted about what they do etc and where they were going from here. They were going to a friends wedding in Oudshoorn that weekend. I only knew one person getting married that weekend in Oudtshoorn and that was a family friend of ours, Robert. Robert's sister and I grew up together and Robert and my sister again and we have had many good parties over December holidays together, but I never met Jaco. Jaco was going to be the best man at Robert's wedding! So that just shows how really small the world is. Well here is the photos, go and check them out and feel free to share with friends and family.

Villiersdorp wedding – Pierre & Ledrie

I was booked for this wedding quite some time ago and it was my first Villiersdorp wedding. I have done the odd shoot around the town and mostly it has been at the stunning Theewaterskloof dam with its old dead trees. So to say that I was excited for an actual wedding here is an understatement. We planned to go and shoot at the dam with the old trees, but we almost had to cancel it due to the wind on the day. But we were brave and we headed down to find it not that unpleasant at all. We got some cracker shots. The venue, which was the local agricultural showgrounds, was decorated so awesome. I just loved the look and feel of it all. Thanks, Ledrie and Pierre for having me photograph your big day, you guys were awesome! Please feel free to share with friends and family.

Cape Town Engagement shoot – Deano & Judith

I think it's about time to get some of my images up on my blog again, man it's been long. So let's start off with the Cape Town Engagement Shoot of Deano and Judith. I have known these two for some time already and a couple of years back, I did the shoot for them at Judith's 21st birthday. Now a couple of years later, man how time flies, they contacted me again to shoot their wedding later this year! What a stunning couple, inside and out and I am really looking forward to this wedding in November! Please feel free to share with friends and family.

Worcester Gymnasium – Mr & Mej Worcester Gim 2016

This has been the second year that we did a big campaign shoot for the Worcester Gymnasium, Mr and Miss Worcester Gymnasium pageant. Last year we had the Elements as the theme, this year the theme was Vegas! With all the glitz and glamour that go with it. We did the whole shoot in one go in my studio. Hair and make up by the following ladies, and you will see, it was stunning! Annemart Strydom Jonetha Theron Mariette Bruwer Feel free to leave a comment and to share this post, and don't forget to give my Facebook page a like.  

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