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Robertson Wedding – Bon Cap Wedding – Luan & Jeanre

This was another winters wedding, the second one in a row for me. This stunning Robertson wedding was held at the awesome Bon Cap Guest Farm and wedding venue just outside Robertson. Jeanre and Luan booked me nearly a year ago and by the time of the wedding they have been together just shy of 8 years! So it was about time. One thing that amazed me, and I don't see this at weddings to often, is that Luan must have said about 500 times during the afternoon and where I could hear, how beautiful Jeanre was! Like I said, you don't often hear this at other weddings, so that was quite special for me. But look, he did not really have a choice other than to say that as Jeanre looked spectacular! Her long hair was left loose with minimal styling and it really looked amazing. I personally think that more brides should have their hair loose on their wedding days. Michelle and her team from Bon Cap did an amazing job once again with the decor and the food! Well, enough of this now, lets look at some awesome images!

Bon Cap Wedding – Jaco & Chanie

I just love a good Bon Cap wedding. Its one of the best venues in the Robertson area for sure! This is my last wedding for this half of the 2016 wedding season and it was one of my first at Bon Cap in quite some time. But it's not the last for 2016! This is really how small the world is. Jaco and Chanie booked me via Michelle, the owner of Bon Cap. They live and work in Holland and when they came to South Africa over December, we just had a squeeze in a quick meeting. So as meetings go, we chatted about what they do etc and where they were going from here. They were going to a friends wedding in Oudshoorn that weekend. I only knew one person getting married that weekend in Oudtshoorn and that was a family friend of ours, Robert. Robert's sister and I grew up together and Robert and my sister again and we have had many good parties over December holidays together, but I never met Jaco. Jaco was going to be the best man at Robert's wedding! So that just shows how really small the world is. Well here is the photos, go and check them out and feel free to share with friends and family.

Bon Cap Wedding – Henry-John & Leana

Here we have the wedding of Henry-John and Leana. Just a week before the actual wedding we did their engagement shoot and I just saw a loving and happy couple. They had a morning wedding at the stunning Bon Cap Wine Estate outside Robertson. Bon Cap is one of my favourite venues to shoot at! Because it was a morning wedding, we decided to do the couple shoot the afternoon, after the wedding. Leana had two dresses, the one she got married in and the one she wore for the reception. Both where stunning dresses! I hope you guys enjoy the images and please feel free to share it with your friends and family! More images to be posted on my Facebook page soon.

Bon Cap Winery Robertson – Wedding – Angie & Anthony

So here it is, finally, after battling to get my blog back up so I can post again, the wedding of Angie and Anthony. They wedding was held at the stunning Bon Cap Winery and Wedding Venue here in Robertson. Now to give a little background on this wedding. Ant id from the UK and Angie is from South Africa. So they decided to get married back here in SA and most of the guests was from either abroad or upcountry! Guests from the UK, the USA and Australia was present, and its awesome to see all these people from different corners of the world get together and party up a storm. They had this stunning old MG as a wedding car, it was a surprise for Angie as she thought that she would just go to the wedding in her dads car, and then this gem of a car arrived at the guesthouse that she was getting ready at. Before I went to the ladies, I first had to "help" Anthony with his bow tie! Now being a wedding photographer I have had to help quite a few grooms fold their ties, I have helped brides zip up their dresses and I have helped bride put on their shoes, but NEVER have I had to tie a bow tie! With a little reading of the instruction manual I got it half decent for the grooms pictures LOL. One of his family members later on did a proper bow tie for him. All good fun on a wedding day! Well enough of that, here is the images, feel free to share as many times as you like or leave a comment for them. Please follow THIS LINK to see the full album on my facebook page. Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie

Bon Cap Wedding Venue – Robertson – Stephan & Loreen

So I met Stephan and Loreen almost a year ago, their wedding was supposed to be late last year but due to some family members having babies and all sorts, they had to postpone it. So when they eventually let me know that it was on again, I was super excited, plus it was now going to be at one of my favourite wedding venues, Bon Cap, just outside Robertson. So the day came and what a stunning day it was. I just love working with people that is relaxed and not stressing, it just makes for stunning images. And the best part of Bon Cap is that there is so much to work with for photos, from vineyards, open fields of grass, the stunning moody wine cellar chapel they have and many more. Loreen's dress was made by the stunning Ilse Roux, I just love her dresses and I have had quite a good number of brides with her dresses. Thank you guys for choosing me to capture your stunning wedding, I am looking forward to all the comments and please feel free to share. To see the full album, please go view it on my Facebook page, just follow THIS LINK   Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen Bon Cap Wedding - Stefan&Loreen

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