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Engagement Shoot – Sonia & Jerado

Right, here we go. This has to probably be my best engagement shoot I have done to date. Not that any of my other shoots was bad, but this one will just probably be my most favourite one for a long time. The thing with engagement shoots is that its just a couple shoot, lots of hugs and kisses and giggles and laughs. One rarely get the chance to shoot something different, as not all couples are equally adventurous or open for new things. Well, Sonia and Jerado wanted to do a shoot at Twede Tol in Bainskloof. When we got there it was packed, like most popular picnic spots is on a warm day. People where playing in the river and there was cars and umbrellas everywhere.... Not the ideal spot to do a shoot with people who probably have never been in front of the camera. Once they arrived and we started chatting, the guard at the gate asked us if we don't want to go to the waterfall. Waterfall, well I am always keen for a waterfall! And so where they. After a short hike we reached the waterfall and man was it spectacular! We ended of the shoot with them, myself and Hanro, a fellow photographer, up to our neck in the pool, sopping wet and ecstatic about the shots. well, here you go, have a look and please tell me if you agree with me ;) Here is a behind the scenes shot from Hanro, just to prove what we did .    

Stellenbosch Engagement Shoot – Cecile & Du Toit

I am photographing Cecile and Du Toit later this year. But first we had to do an engagement shoot with them. In our chatting we came up that we wanted to do something a bit different than the normal couple shoot and Cecile, after many hours on Pinterest, came up with a shoot at the local airfield... NICE! So we headed out to the Stellenbosch Airfield and we went and had some fun. Du Toit was dressed in his "top gun" outfit as he called it and Cecile had this cute polka dot dress on. After the airfield we went back to the farm they live, the Fijndraai Estate. We shot all around there in in the stables on the farm as well. To end it off we went into the camp with the foals of the horses. What a better way to end of a shoot than with baby horses and stunning light. Feel free to leave a comment or a like and please share.  

Leipzig Country House Wedding – Nick & Moné

Finally all my edit work is up to date and I can start to share some of the amazing weddings I have done so far. First up is the wedding of Nick and Mone that was held at the awesome Leipzig Country House Wedding venue outside Worcester. Leipzig is one of my favourite wedding venues. The moody feel of this venue is just awesome. Most of it is converted from age old wine cellars and the textures and colours are just amazing. The walls is also decorated with a local artists creations and it adds to the magical feel of the venue. And then the food is also pretty dam great. So if you want to get a really cool wedding venue, look no further. Mone booked me fore her wedding more than a year ago! Moné is the cousin of one of my very first brides! So we have known each other for quite some time! And back then she said allready that I will be the one to shoot her wedding one day. Well that one day came and we had an awesome time! Ons sad part of the day was that Nick's dad passed away just days before the wedding. My condolences to Nick and his family. At her cousins wedding, we did a photo in the main hall at Leipzig and on her wedding she wanted to recreate it, well, that we did! Well I hope you all like the images as much as I and please feel free to like it, leave a comment or simply share it with your friends and family. The original image that was recreated  

Matric Farewell – HTS Drostdy

Here is some images from this years Matric farewell at HTS Drostdy. These two couples made for some really great photos! Have a look and let me know what you think please.  

Engagement Shoot – Worcester Cameron & Kerry-Ann

I did this engagement shoot for Cameron and Kerry-Ann a couple of weeks ago. They are planning a small and intimate wedding in Worcester in September and I am really looking forward to it. The good thing with small weddings is that I can spend lots of time with everyone. I become a friend and sometimes I even feel like a family member at these small weddings. To be honest, for two people that claimed they do not like photos or that they do not look good on photos, I think they look damn fine and very comfortable! So please feel free to let me know what you think.  

Cape Town Engagement Shoot – Matthew & Vicky

I did Matthew and Vicky's engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago. From the word go we had the V&A Waterfront on mind for their shoot. The waterfront is always a cool place and its always busy with lots of different people. I actually want to go for a day and just walk around with my camera and a 35mm lens and just shoot the busy life. We ended our shoot with an awesome craft beer at one of the small restaurants. At this restaurant there was the most awesome wine cellar and we are just glad that the management said we could use it for a couple of shots. I am really looking forward to this wedding in November!  

Couple Shoot – Tom & SJ

Myself and Louis from LJ7 Advertising ran a little Facebook competition on our pages looking for a couple to photograph and film. We where testing out some new ideas and stuff and we needed subjects to shoot, so that is how we got Tom and SJ for our shoot. What a fun couple and we got some awesome footage and images. Here is just a tiny bit of the images and I have included the video clip as produced by LJ7 Advertising. Please leave your like, comments and dont forget top share!  

Henry & Leana Worcester Engagement Shoot

This is the Engagement Shoot I did with Leana and Henry-John just two days before their wedding! Engagement Shoots is a very important thing to do, especially if you and your partner is not used to being in front of the camera. It also helps us as photographers to see what we can and cant do with you as our subject. Often on the wedding day there just isnt time to first get cozy infront of the camera, doing an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer really helps this, as you will know what to expect on your big day. So sit back and enjoy some of their images from their shoot. Please feel free to share.

Engagement Shoot – Paint Ninjas – Jaco & Magdelle

Here is the Engagement Shoot of Jaco and Magdelle. Now to start this off, when they booked me they said they did not want to do an engagement shoot as they have been together for so long yhada yhada yhada LOL So I said that its included in the price anyway, so when Magdelle mailed me a few weeks later with this idea I JUMPED at it. Paint wars, so awesome. And I could feel the excitement in their mails, so I knew it was going to be great fun. We started the shoot of with some "normal" photos and then they went to put on their war clothes and it started. Lots of laughs and sneezes later they looked like the creature from the Blue Lagoon LOL So here it is, let me know what you think and feel free to share! See more image on Facebook, please follow THIS LINK Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle Engagement Shoot - Jaco & Magdelle

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