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Family Shoot – Mc Donald Girls

I was booked by Jeanine for this Family Shoot. They were in Cape Town for a short break, just the Mom and two daughters. It was a surprise for their mom. We did the shoot late afternoon on Clifton beach in Cape Town. Man, it was one of those perfect autumn days with warm weather and not a breath of wind. We had some of the most amazing light ever and that made the images even better. After lots of laughs that afternoon we all headed home. Please feel free to share with friends.

Family Photo Shoot – Dewald Kirsten

At the end of 2015, I ran a small special for people who needed a family photo shoot. Th end of the year is a great time to have family photos taken. It's that time of the year where everyone is in a holiday mood and people can't wait to get packing to hit the road to go on their annual family vacations. Generally, it's also the time of the year when family from all over get together. So what better gift than to give them some new family photos, especially all the grandmas and grandpas. So please avoid disappointment at the end of this year and book those shoots in time. Here is some of the images from last year.  

Family Shoot – Tobias Family

It is always great when old clients come back for more photos, that means that I did something right the first time. So when Craig and Donna's(who's wedding I shot 2 years ago) sister asked me to do a family shoot for them I happily obliged. They are such a stunning family and for grandma to walk the bit to the shooting location was awesome, at 81 she is still as witty as ever. Here we go, please feel free to like, comment or share this post.  

Family Shoot – Good Friends

Capturing portraits of loving families is always great. I highly recommend having a family shoot every year. For two reasons, you can start to build up an image file with all the looks over the different years. This can then be used as blackmail material when your kids are in high school one day LOL. But one of the most important reasons is that you get to be all in front of the camera at once. As a family man myself, I often find that it's only my wife and Emily, or Emily and I, and not often all 3 of us, face it, one has to hold the camera! And the last reason, now you have photos to use as Christmas cards and not one of those awkward selfies you did in the Spur one afternoon. So here is the shoot I did for Angelique and her son and Landi and her two stunning kids at the awesome Die Eike Wedding Venue in Rawsonville. Please feel free to leave a comment or to share with friends and family.  

Family Shoot – Dicey Family Shoot Nr2

If you can recall I recently did a family Shoot for the Dicey Family on their family farm outside Wolseley. Well recently the whole Dicey Family was here on holiday and with some of them living overseas it was a perfect time to do another shoot for them on the farm. It was one of those super cold Western Cape winter days with huge rain showers just looming to happen any moment. But luckily they did not happen during our shoot. It was cold but the light was near perfect for great photos. Please have a look and feel free to comment and share this post.  

Family Shoot – Van Rhyn Family

We have been friends with this stunning family for quite some time now. And when good friends like these trust us to photograph some of their special moments it is always rewarding. To have done a family shoot for the Van Rhyn Family was a huge honour and pleasure for me. As photographers we get to see families the way they don't see themselves and we then get to show that to them. Have a look and please feel free to comment and share this post.  

Family Shoot – Dicey Family

I was fortunate enough to do the shoot for the Dicey Family from Wolseley on their farm. It was an even greater honour to capture 3 generations of fathers and sons! It was such a stunning afternoon with a stunning family. Please feel free to like, comment and share this post.  

Neethling Family Shoot

I had the privilege to capture this great family This is the family shoot of the Neethling Family. The three brothers, their wives and the kids, all together with grandpa and grandma. We did the shoot just outside Worcester where they got together for a family holiday. As some of them live overseas they had to grab the opportunity to get a family shoot done with all the family together. Please feel free to let me know what you think and please, like or comment or share this post.  

Grabouw Family Shoot – The Boucher Family

I recently had the privilege to do a family shoot with this stunning family from Grabouw. We shot at the Elgin Country club in the surrounding pine forests and the setting was just amazing. Please feel free to like, comment and share this post.  

Family Photoshoot – Härle Family – Wolseley

I have know Ralf for some time as he used to be one of my clients from way back when I was still in the plumbing industry. So when he asked me to to do a Family Photoshoot for him I obviously said yes! We did the shoot on their family farm outside Wolseley and it was just stunning! They have this magic Natural Oak Forest there that made for the most amazing images. The light, the mood and everything was just amazing. Ilse also asked me if I could photograph some of her horses for her, man these animals are just amazing! And I got one of my favourite horse photos yet. Right, go and check it out and let me know what you think guys, and please feel free to share with family and friends.  

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