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Stellenbosch Wedding – Theo & Danielle

Finally, here it is, the last wedding I did for 2014. This Stellenbosch wedding was very special. I know Theo from my home town and when he asked me to shoot their small intimate wedding I just  couldn't say no. The wedding was on Danielle's family farm outside Stellenbosch and according to them, it is here that the very first Pinotage wine was made! And judging by how the wine tasted at the picnic, it was pretty damn awesome! This was a small wedding with a picnic on the grass afterwards under the old oak trees. All the couples got a picnic basket filled with snacks and sparkling wine and it was just chilled. Not only is there some history to the farm, the dress that Danielle wore was her grandmothers dress!! Yes! 75years old, and they got married on exactly the same farm! Man that is special. She did do some modifications to the dress but 90% of it was still the same. I took a photo of her holding her gran's wedding photo with the same dress. Well, here you go, go check it out and please feel free to leave a comment or to share it with everyone!

Skilpadvlei Wedding – Stellenbosch – Edward & Robertha

It is always great to work with people that you know on a little more of a personal level than just the normal type of clients. Not that it is not great working with my normal clients, but if you know someone on either a more personal level before the wedding it adds a whole new dimention to the work on the wedding day. We as photographers know more of the behind the scenes stuff and the personal details so when the special moments happen, its even more special for us. And with Edward and Robertha this was the case for me. Robertha is the amazing manager/PA/Do-It-All lady that works for the doctor that delivered our baby girl! So we have had lots of talks on the phone, lots of hallo's and good byes and chats when we went for our check ups and scans at Dr De Jong so we knew each other long before she even contacted me to photograph her wedding! When people that you deal with like this contacts you for such a special occasion its just awesome! Their big day was held at Skilpadvlei Wedding Venue in Stellenbosch. We had stunning weather for their wedding day and everything was just perfect. Okay now for the next little bit of info.... At their wedding I photographed one of my all time favourite photos, and this image got quite a bit of traffic on the social media platforms when I shared it soon after the wedding. We where busy with the couple shoot right after the ceremony and I could just see there was going to be an incredible sunset that night. So as we progressed with the shoot the idea I had just became more of a reality and I knew that I just had to get this photo I had in mind. The image I had in mind was a reflection of the couple in the dam at Skilpadvlei with the sunset behind them....Thats should be easy you say, well guess what, as all great images, it was not as easy as it sounded. I quickly realise that I would ave to strip down to my underpants and get into the water to get this shot. So I briefed them quickly what I wanted to do and so I started stripping down. As a rule I ALWAYS have a second set of clothes in the car, one never knows what might happen and there you are stuck with only the set of clothes that you wore that day. So I had a back up plan incase all my clothes got wet, and it did! Here is some behind the scenes images captured by the talented videographer. LJ7 Advertising.   This is the final resulting image: The final image from my stripping down and getting into the Water. When effort is put in, it will be rewarded Here is a video link that Louis from LJ7 has created that featured the whole process. So now you have seen all the behind the scenes schenanigans and what we do to get the very best shot for our clients. So lets not keep you waiting much longer, here is a selection of images from the rest of the wedding. Please feel free to comment and to share it with your friends and family.

Stellenbosch Wedding – Pieter & Jacqueline

Today I share with you this stunning Stellenbosch wedding, the wedding of Pieter and Jacqueline. Now to cut a long story short, Jacqueline is the sister of one of my brides from last year, you can see their wedding HERE. I was very happy when they decided to book me for their wedding simply as they are a very cool family and I just knew the wedding would be fun. The wedding reception was held at the Protea Hotel TechnoPark in Stellenbosch and with that lovely view of the Stellenbosch mountains at sunset I can easily see why they choose that venue. We did the couple portraits at the Jan Kriel High School in their pine forest. I just love shooting in these forests, the light can be magical! And it was! The party was lots of fun and I really felt sorry for poor Pieter, the guys gave him al sorts of crap while he was doing his speech. I got some great action shots of the guys spraying him with streamers, but I know, its not always fun being on the receiving end. So please have a look, leave a comment and please feel free to share with friends and family.  

Do you want to be an amazeballs dancer? Then you better hire an amazeballs DJ!

Looking for a DJ for your wedding? Want to know what to look for? Then please read the rest of this post, there is some vital info that will help you make the right choice. What is the two VITAL things of a wedding day that your guests will remember?? No 1: The food! If you had great food, that will be the first thing that your guests will brag about, and this is not only for brides, venues and planners, take note, if you serve bad food, you WILL NOT be famous with the guests. Great food will be a hit, time and time again, even I, who have shot at many venues, will tell a bride that the food was great at a certain place. But enough of the food....the other important factor. No 2: The DJ! hell yeah, you want your drunken and not so drunk friends to party just as hard! Man I have seen the greatest parties, and I can name a tiny few that was so awesome that at 22:00 when I was done with the shooting, I actually wanted to pack my gear away and party just as hard with them! 99% of these cases was due to the awesome DJ! That other 1% is the great crowd of guests. Why is the DJ so important, well if the food is being served at 8pm and every one is done by 9pm, its the classic Sunday-afternoon-after-lunch syndrome, tummy full, eyes closed and then you start to see guests slowly filtering away to their rooms, that you don't want, this is a party! Yes some of the older folks will leave early but then I have also seen a grandma or two boogie deep into the night. So...if the DJ has some wicked tracks playing, it will keep your friends in the party spirit, and soon they will forget that their stomaches is full! Along with the dancing and partying the drinks will flow freely, and your party animals start to slowly creep out of the holes that they hide in for their nocturnal life, and that is what we as photographers love!! Party animals is the soul of receptions and they make for some insane shots! Here is a few images of some of my fav animals, some times its also a good thing that I can leave at 10pm as not long after that I also start to creep out of my hiding place and then there will be incriminating pictures taken of me LOL, now that I cant allow! Bad DJ’s, man they can kill a party, I have literally seen some DJ’s sit there and play for themselves! They are singing and swinging their arms behind their mixer/cd player or what ever it is that some of these guys have, and this all to the tune of Living Next Door To Alice....and with an empty dance floor and the drunk guys in the bar shouting ALICE, ALICE, WHO THE F&%$K IS ALICE after every chorus! Not  cool. I have also had a DJ at one wedding where he was also playing more for himself than the guests, so I went up to him and I said, dude, I need to get photos of people dancing! Get them on the floor, play, Shuffle It or Tonights gonna be a good night or just make plan, so 5 minutes later, he did, and guess what, we had about 30 people on the floor! I am a lover of classic golden oldie hits, stuff that will rock the show, but it must be a good mix, if I have to listen to Smokie or Grease Lightning’s soundtrack the whole night I will die a slow death, even though I love the songs, the same goes for guys like Eminem or Black Eyed Peas or who ever is playing the latest hit on the radio....Somehow Pockerface just comes to mind, a song that can very quickly be turned into a very rude, below the belt joke by the drunk best man LOL How should brides choose a DJ? Well firstly, YOU need to tell him what music will get your crowd going, house music, classical music, hip hop or what ever, give them a list of your and your friends fav artists and see if he has them and if he doesn't, can het get the music. Then get some references from him, brides who's weddings he did and contact them, hell it can be an expensive mistake to make for your wedding day. They will quickly tell you if he had a good party with said DJ. As the other providers, the photographer, the videographer, the venue and then friends for some recommendations. If there is a name that pops up a couple of times, then you sort of know that guy is good.... Meet the DJ, sort out all monies etc with him beforehand, you don't want a DJ to start putting up a scene later the night as he wants his money now, before the wedding all parties must know exactly how the finance parts of the wedding work. The other option is having a live band! But this could also be risky, don't get an alternative bad for a traditional wedding LOL, that will just be wrong and you might end up getting a rude letter from grandma who will think that you have let the anti Christ loose on them hahahaha. Bands is awesome, there is nothing that will get a crowd going than some really good cover songs like summer of 69 and the likes! Not only should the guys be good performers, but also entertainers. If I could do my wedding over, I would have had a band. For light morning weddings or just some good back ground music during dinner or the service or while everyone is having pre-drinks, get a instrumental group, flutes, pianos, saxophones etc, that is always a good hit and it sets a nice relaxed mood. there is some really talented boys and girls out there that will rock the socks of any wedding. Choosing your DJ is just as important as the right dress/suit/photographer and equally important as the food. We as photographers will gladly share some of our fav contacts as this will just help us get great images! Let me know what your thoughts is, always great to hear what others think, and feel free to share this with your friends who is looking for a DJ. I hope my pointers was worth it, now everyone should be amazeballs dancers at their weddings LOL    

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