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West Coast Wedding – Veldrif Wedding – Adrian & Marlene

This was one of the weddings that I was looking forward to the most so far this year. Adrian and Marlene had their Veldrif Wedding in the small fishing village on the West Coast of South Africa. I have not been to Veldrift in many years and it was actually awesome to be there. There is some amazing places in and around that little town. It is probably best known for the small street called Bokkomlaan, that is situated on the banks of the Berg River estuary and you can see all the fishermen and the old jetties and the little fishing boats. The birdlife is simply amazing with huge flocks of flamingos wading in the shallows all over the place. But enough of that. I know Marlene from school, as her brother, Attie, was with me in the class and we were good friends. But like most people, you lose touch with your old school friends after school and this was the first time in nearly 10 years that I have seen them again. So we caught up on loads of stuff. What an awesome wedding, Adrian and Marlene were super rockstars the whole day, even thou Adrian forgot his wedding shoes at home and a friend had to drive all the way back to fetch them! We simply could not have asked for better weather, being a winters wedding, there is always the chance of a torrential downpour, but not that weekend, it was stunning days, cold but clear and vibrant, not to mention the picture perfect sunsets. Thanks for having me Adrian and Marlene, it was an awesome wedding, one to remember for sure!

Strandkombuis Wedding – Yzerfontein – Brent & Genna

This was my first wedding at the stunning Standkombuis Wedding Venue in Yzerfontein on the West Coast of South Africa. What a stunning place. You have this rustic vibe, kick of your shoes and drinks some white wine with some amazing seafood, and to add the celebrations of a wedding to that and you have a winner recipe! Brent and Genna is one awesome couple, and loads of fun! Brent is this typical boertjie from the Cape and Gemma is this ginger beauty from Scotland. So to keep in the tradition, Brent wore a Scottish kilt and attire! They where lead in to the Scottish anthem being played on bagpipes on the beach in South Africa! And to top it all, they had the most awesome vows! I wish I could remember everything as I would surely have added it here. I can just remember some parts of calling each other numptees and standing by each other in the zombie apocalypse LOL, but it was great! What a party! And the food was great! One of the funniest parts was one of the sweet scotish ladies asking me what a koeksister was, and after she and her hubby of 82 had some they where really rocking the dance floor LOL! Well here is some of the images of the day, please feel free to like, comment and share this post!

Stellenbosch Wedding – Theo & Danielle

Finally, here it is, the last wedding I did for 2014. This Stellenbosch wedding was very special. I know Theo from my home town and when he asked me to shoot their small intimate wedding I just  couldn't say no. The wedding was on Danielle's family farm outside Stellenbosch and according to them, it is here that the very first Pinotage wine was made! And judging by how the wine tasted at the picnic, it was pretty damn awesome! This was a small wedding with a picnic on the grass afterwards under the old oak trees. All the couples got a picnic basket filled with snacks and sparkling wine and it was just chilled. Not only is there some history to the farm, the dress that Danielle wore was her grandmothers dress!! Yes! 75years old, and they got married on exactly the same farm! Man that is special. She did do some modifications to the dress but 90% of it was still the same. I took a photo of her holding her gran's wedding photo with the same dress. Well, here you go, go check it out and please feel free to leave a comment or to share it with everyone!

Cape Town Trash the Dress Shoot – Brazillian Flair with Gabrielly & Mauricio

At the beginnig of November I got an email from a lady all the way from Brazil! She found me via google(guess the hard work of SEO is working;)) and she was looking to do a Trash The Dress shoot while she and her new husband was in Cape Town on Honeymoon! Well obviously I was very keen for it as I just love doing Trash the Dress shoots! So I replied and then I did not hear from her again for a couple of weeks, infact, the day right BEFORE the shoot, which was also their last full day in Cape Town! So after a lengthy conversation on Whatsapp, we decided on Cape Town CBD, it was close to their hotel and then Blouberg Beach with the backdrop of Table Mountain and the sea. When you are used to lush tropical beaches of a country like Brazil, the freezing water of Cape Town will surely be a shock to your system, hell we hardly even swim in it! But with out keeping you guys to long, here is the images. Please feel free to leave a comment or share it with your friends.    

Opstal Wedding – Rawsonville – Cameron & Kerry-Ann

Finally I can upload the images of this awesome couple. Cameron and Kerry-Ann decided that they don't want to do the big glamorous wedding, they wanted it more intimate with close family and friends, so they decided to get married in court. Now, just like the previous wedding, I like different. Different challenges me to shoot something different. On this day, it was one of those typical cold mid September days, but with some lovely breaks in the clouds. They had their small reception at the Opstal  Wedding venue just outside Rawsonville and it was just great. Well here is some of the images of their day, please feel free to let me know what you guys think of it.  

Matjiesfontein Wedding – Niel & Sonika

I have said it before and I will keep on saying it. There is no better place than Matjiesfontein to photograph a wedding. The history, the atmosphere and just everything is simply amazing. I have been lucky that this is my third shoot at Matjiesfontein and it simply never disappoints. When Niel and Sonika contacted me to photograph their wedding and told me it was going to be in Matjiesfontein, I was sold! To top all that excitement, the fact that the whole wedding was going to be a bit "different" just made it even better. I have always been a fan of different. Everyone does the same old stuff, the same old decor, flowers, dress etc, look not that it is not pretty and perfect for your day, but why would you want to carbon copy the previous brides decor? Anyway, Sonika wore a black wedding dress! Yes, black, Niel was dressed in great suit. I must say, I was a tad sceptical about the black dress but once she had it one, it was just perfect! It fitted in with the whole theme! Well, I can go on all day about this stunning place and the great light and all that, but just to say, Niel and Sonika, you guy where champs and I am sure you guys are going to love the images ;) Please let me know what you guys think.  

Calitzdorp Wedding – Ostrich Palace – Cameron & Ance

Ance booked me for her wedding in 2013 already, and basically all I knew was that they lived in New Zealand. She is originally from South Africa and has been living overseas for quite some time now. After the usual exchange of emails back and forth we finally met via Skype and that was a week before the wedding! When I arrived there on the Friday afternoon I was warmly welcomed and joined in the evening braai(or barbecue for our international readers) and by the end of the evening I knew everyone, I knew the families, I knew the Kiwis and I felt like an old friend! Thank you guys for that very warm welcome. The Saturday came and it was all stations go. They got married at the stunning Ostrich Palace just outside Calitzdorp. I just love the Little Karoo, it is such a peaceful place and the afternoon Karoo sunlight is just magic! When I say that Ance was one of my most stunning brides I have had in the last two years, I mean it, she is a classical beauty and her Hair and make-up, done by Karin Chan, was perfect. Her whole look was classical and to top it off, she wore a classical wedding dress made by her mother! It was a magic day with some magic mages that we created. Oh and be on the look out for Ance who jumped the fence like a true farm girl, IN HER DRESS! Thanks guys, it was awesome being there and sharing in your magic day! Now the question I think most will ask, what rugby team will the kids support, South Africa or the All Blacks LOL I hope you guys enjoy this short preview and please feel free to share.  

Trash The Dress Shoot – Cape Town – Shannon

A couple of months ago I shot the stunning wedding of Shannon and Pierre at Lourensford. Shannon booked an added Trash the Dress shoot with me as well. I highly recommend this to my brides. Here we have a couple of hours to shoot something awesome and be totally creative. There is no guests waiting for you, no one rushing you to get done with your photos. We just go out and get some amazing images. Oh and also, we will never TRASH a dress, unless you really want to off course ;) If the dress gets wet it can easily be dry cleaned and stored in the closet again. So do not be afraid, it will be some of the most fun you can have with your wedding dress on. We did Shannon's shoot at Oudekraal Beach and we had perfect weather. Although the water was a tad chilly, it was not freezing. She was a rock star and the fact that she previously did some modelling made that we got some incredible images. I hope you guys enjoy the images and please feel free to share with friends and family.

Trash the Dress Shoot – David & Zahn-Mari

Here is the part two from the next day after the wedding. As I mentioned in the first post, you can find it HERE, the party was of the hook and Zahn did a pretty good job of trashing the dress the night before LOL. So when I eventually woke them and we got them dressed it was almost 12pm LOL. So we headed down to the beach in Witsand to go play in the water and do their Trash the Dress shoot. Here is some of the images, please feel free to share with friends and family.

Bon Cap Winery Robertson – Wedding – Angie & Anthony

So here it is, finally, after battling to get my blog back up so I can post again, the wedding of Angie and Anthony. They wedding was held at the stunning Bon Cap Winery and Wedding Venue here in Robertson. Now to give a little background on this wedding. Ant id from the UK and Angie is from South Africa. So they decided to get married back here in SA and most of the guests was from either abroad or upcountry! Guests from the UK, the USA and Australia was present, and its awesome to see all these people from different corners of the world get together and party up a storm. They had this stunning old MG as a wedding car, it was a surprise for Angie as she thought that she would just go to the wedding in her dads car, and then this gem of a car arrived at the guesthouse that she was getting ready at. Before I went to the ladies, I first had to "help" Anthony with his bow tie! Now being a wedding photographer I have had to help quite a few grooms fold their ties, I have helped brides zip up their dresses and I have helped bride put on their shoes, but NEVER have I had to tie a bow tie! With a little reading of the instruction manual I got it half decent for the grooms pictures LOL. One of his family members later on did a proper bow tie for him. All good fun on a wedding day! Well enough of that, here is the images, feel free to share as many times as you like or leave a comment for them. Please follow THIS LINK to see the full album on my facebook page. Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie Bon Cap Wedding - Anthony & Angie

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