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Robertson Wedding – Bon Cap Wedding – Luan & Jeanre

This was another winters wedding, the second one in a row for me. This stunning Robertson wedding was held at the awesome Bon Cap Guest Farm and wedding venue just outside Robertson. Jeanre and Luan booked me nearly a year ago and by the time of the wedding they have been together just shy of 8 years! So it was about time. One thing that amazed me, and I don't see this at weddings to often, is that Luan must have said about 500 times during the afternoon and where I could hear, how beautiful Jeanre was! Like I said, you don't often hear this at other weddings, so that was quite special for me. But look, he did not really have a choice other than to say that as Jeanre looked spectacular! Her long hair was left loose with minimal styling and it really looked amazing. I personally think that more brides should have their hair loose on their wedding days. Michelle and her team from Bon Cap did an amazing job once again with the decor and the food! Well, enough of this now, lets look at some awesome images!

Bon Cap Wedding – Jaco & Chanie

I just love a good Bon Cap wedding. Its one of the best venues in the Robertson area for sure! This is my last wedding for this half of the 2016 wedding season and it was one of my first at Bon Cap in quite some time. But it's not the last for 2016! This is really how small the world is. Jaco and Chanie booked me via Michelle, the owner of Bon Cap. They live and work in Holland and when they came to South Africa over December, we just had a squeeze in a quick meeting. So as meetings go, we chatted about what they do etc and where they were going from here. They were going to a friends wedding in Oudshoorn that weekend. I only knew one person getting married that weekend in Oudtshoorn and that was a family friend of ours, Robert. Robert's sister and I grew up together and Robert and my sister again and we have had many good parties over December holidays together, but I never met Jaco. Jaco was going to be the best man at Robert's wedding! So that just shows how really small the world is. Well here is the photos, go and check them out and feel free to share with friends and family.

Villiersdorp wedding – Pierre & Ledrie

I was booked for this wedding quite some time ago and it was my first Villiersdorp wedding. I have done the odd shoot around the town and mostly it has been at the stunning Theewaterskloof dam with its old dead trees. So to say that I was excited for an actual wedding here is an understatement. We planned to go and shoot at the dam with the old trees, but we almost had to cancel it due to the wind on the day. But we were brave and we headed down to find it not that unpleasant at all. We got some cracker shots. The venue, which was the local agricultural showgrounds, was decorated so awesome. I just loved the look and feel of it all. Thanks, Ledrie and Pierre for having me photograph your big day, you guys were awesome! Please feel free to share with friends and family.

Wildekrans Estate wedding – Jorge & Debbie

Debbie and George booked me to photograph their stunning Wildekrans Estate wedding in December. It was a warm and cloudy day, perfect weather actually as it was not too hot. The setting was this awesome tent outside and because it was a morning wedding the whole atmosphere was relaxed. Debbie was driven in on the back of an old Ox wagon that was restored and it was something completely different than the norm. Debbie and Jorge have been together for years and now they have made it official on this awesome day. Their little boy was the proud ring bearer and you could see what an honour it was for him. If you are ever in the Botrivier area, please stop by this estate to taste their award winning wines, its simply mind blowing! Please feel free to share with friends and family.  

Cape Town Wedding – Lee & Janine

A couple of weeks ago I posted the stunning engagement shoot of Lee & Janine, well now its time for their stunning Cape Town wedding that was held at the awesome Romney Park Boutique Hotel in Seapoint. It was one of those perfect winters days. It was almost needed for a jacket, but as soon as the sun started dipping it was chilly. We did some of the couple shoot in the Cape Town CBD and then we went to the beach close to Clifton. Here we had one of the best sunsets we could have asked for with some lovely golden light for the photos. After that we joined the rest of the party at the Hotel and we had some stunning food and then the party started. We ended of the evening with the send off of Lee and Janine with all the guests lining the steps with sparklers! Super awesome. Well, here it is, please feel free to let everyone know and please let me know what you think.

Paternoster Wedding – Keith & Meghan

This was my very first Paternoster Wedding and hopefully not my last one! But first, the story behind it. I got contacted by Keith on my Facebook page a couple of months ago. He was looking for a wedding photographer for their South African wedding that was going to happen in Paternoster on the West Coast of South Africa. Keith and Meghan will be having a second wedding in the USA as Meghan is originally from the States. The South African wedding was held at the spectacular Abalone House and Spa in Paternoster and I must say, a better venue they could not have asked for. As Murphy would have it, the weather was pretty crappy that week, after all the end of may is the turning of seasons here in South Africa and the Cape coast can be very unpredictable, but the weather gods of the almighty internet promised we where going to have a great day without any rain.... Well we had a small shower the morning but other than that it was perfect! Hardly a breath of wind. The only little hick up was the really high tides that nearly got the ceremony on the beach moved to main building, luckily the tide dropped enough and that was good to go as well! Now another part of the story I have not mentioned yet is that Keith is a very well known photographer himself, he specialises in wildlife photography and you can check out HIS WEBSITE HERE. So there was really no pressure on me...... I arrived the Friday afternoon and shortly after that I joined them all for dinner at the stunning Square Spoon restaurant and a lovely evening was had by all. At the end of the night I felt like I was there as a guest and not as a service provider. The wedding day ran smoothly and everything was just amazing! After our amazing dinner at the Reuben's Restaurant at the Abalone House, the festivities started.... And man, what a party. I shot a total of nearly 3300 images on the day, a new record for me when shooting by myself! There was some amazing dance moves(which was allegedly by their twin brothers and sister) and even greater bar tricks, as you will see in the post. A trick called Fireworks saw beer being sprays and shooters dunked into glasses, totally epic stuff! To have the weekend come to an end was almost a let down. I really wish that I could have been present for the main wedding in the states, as I am sure the South Africans going over will show them how the party is supposed to be done. The American friends and family that did not make the South Africa one will have to reach deep to even compare to this one LOL. Well without further delay, here is the pictures, and please bear with me, I tried to keep it as short as I could!

Palmiet Valley Estate Wedding – Duncan & Natalie

This has probably been one of my favourite weddings that I have shot in a long time! Duncan and Natalie got married at the STUNNING Palmiet Valley estate just outside Paarl in the Western Cape. Duncan is South African and he grew up on the South Coast of Natal. I know the area a bit as my mom used to live there as well, so there was quite a few things we could relate to. He met his dashing english lass while he went on a working holiday over in the UK, and he has just decided to stay there, well we can see why. They invited a couple of their close friends and family over from the UK and from Natal and held their small wedding here in the Western Cape. To boot, we had a stunning windless day in Paarl, and I cant help but feel sorry for some of my new english friends as it must have felt like a blistering hot African summers day. But that did not stop the party. After we had some amazing light during our couple shoot, it was off to dinner and then the party really started. If it was not for the fact that I had to drive home I probably also would have gotten stuck in the shooters and partied the night away! Right, lets get to the images. Please feel free to like comment and share these images.  

Cascade Country Manor Wedding – Thulani & Salizwa

I have been looking forward to this wedding for quite some time. It was at a new venue for me, the Stunning Cascade Country Manor just outside Paarl in the Western Cape. The main feature of this venue is the ceremony area, it is right be a waterfall in a small gorge and the path leading up there is lined with old Olive trees. It was just a perfect day and everyone looked amazing. Salizwa wore a stunning dress and she was one stunning bride! Thulani and his groomsmen looked smashing in their navy blue suits. My very first wedding I did was an African wedding, and that was back in 2010. I just love to see the different cultures coming together and they way they express themselves. There was lots of singing and dancing, all traditional songs. Thanks again for the awesome day at such a stunning venue! Everything from the flowers to the food was stunning! Please feel free to like, comment and share this post.

Riebeek Kasteel Wedding – Hendri & Shelly

LONG POST ALERT!! What can one say about this wedding? This was my very first Riebeek Kasteel wedding and it was held at the stunning Het Vlock Casteel wedding venue. Hendri and Shelly booked me nearly a year ago. After the engagement shoot that we did at the end of August last year, I just knew it was going to be a great one. When people are relaxed on their wedding day it is damn hard not to get great images. Well what a day. Everything was picture perfect, from the reception area, the bride getting ready to the emotional service and to the awesome light we had during the couple shoot, to one epic party that I am sure went on to very late the next morning. And lets not forget the amazing food and one of the best Shiraz's that I have ever drank. Hendri & Shelly, thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer, it was one for the books for sure. Please feel free to like, comment and share this post.

Olive Rock Wedding – Jerado & Sonia

Who can still remeber the epic engagement shoot that I did with Jerado and Sonia? Well here is their wedding! Held at the awesome Olive Rock Wedding Venue just outside Ceres. What a stunning couple, both Jerado and Sonia could easily step into a glossy magazine and pull of the model look, and to have two great people like this to work with at a wedding makes our jobs so much easier. It was a great day, great weather and a great crowd. One of the special moments for me was when Jerado did his speech and he told a story of his grandpa. When he was 4 years old his grandpa told him he must buy a bottle of wine when they went to the bottle store one day. So he went ahead and chose a bottle, not knowing what it was at that stage. He then said that he was going to open the bottle on his wedding day to celebrate his grandpa. A week before the wedding he did a search for this particular bottle of wine, it turned out that that year was a collectors item now and was worth a whopping R12000! He said that he saw it as their wedding gift from his late grandpa. Man these things just gives me a lump in my throat. Well, here is the images, go and have a look and let me know what you think.  

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