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Worcester wedding

Olive Rock Wedding – Jerado & Sonia

Who can still remeber the epic engagement shoot that I did with Jerado and Sonia? Well here is their wedding! Held at the awesome Olive Rock Wedding Venue just outside Ceres. What a stunning couple, both Jerado and Sonia could easily step into a glossy magazine and pull of the model look, and to have two great people like this to work with at a wedding makes our jobs so much easier. It was a great day, great weather and a great crowd. One of the special moments for me was when Jerado did his speech and he told a story of his grandpa. When he was 4 years old his grandpa told him he must buy a bottle of wine when they went to the bottle store one day. So he went ahead and chose a bottle, not knowing what it was at that stage. He then said that he was going to open the bottle on his wedding day to celebrate his grandpa. A week before the wedding he did a search for this particular bottle of wine, it turned out that that year was a collectors item now and was worth a whopping R12000! He said that he saw it as their wedding gift from his late grandpa. Man these things just gives me a lump in my throat. Well, here is the images, go and have a look and let me know what you think.  

Rawsonville Wedding – Ben-Herman & Adri

This was my second last wedding for 2014! Man the time flew by, 2014 is basically just a blur. Well this was a good one for the second last wedding of 2014. A Rawsonville wedding is always special, especially of it is at a stunning venue like Die Eike! Ben-Herman and Adri chose this stunning wedding and got married under the massive old Oak trees. The setting was just perfect. And while I was shooting the ceremony, I could see this was going to be a great crowd! The band they had was simply amazing! It was one of the weddings with the best entertainment I have ever been to! Simply outstanding! Well, lets get on with the images. Please feel free to like, comment and share with friends!

Leipzig Country House Wedding – Nick & Moné

Finally all my edit work is up to date and I can start to share some of the amazing weddings I have done so far. First up is the wedding of Nick and Mone that was held at the awesome Leipzig Country House Wedding venue outside Worcester. Leipzig is one of my favourite wedding venues. The moody feel of this venue is just awesome. Most of it is converted from age old wine cellars and the textures and colours are just amazing. The walls is also decorated with a local artists creations and it adds to the magical feel of the venue. And then the food is also pretty dam great. So if you want to get a really cool wedding venue, look no further. Mone booked me fore her wedding more than a year ago! Moné is the cousin of one of my very first brides! So we have known each other for quite some time! And back then she said allready that I will be the one to shoot her wedding one day. Well that one day came and we had an awesome time! Ons sad part of the day was that Nick's dad passed away just days before the wedding. My condolences to Nick and his family. At her cousins wedding, we did a photo in the main hall at Leipzig and on her wedding she wanted to recreate it, well, that we did! Well I hope you all like the images as much as I and please feel free to like it, leave a comment or simply share it with your friends and family. The original image that was recreated  

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