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Worcester Couple Shoot – Gideon & Gretha

I recently had the pleasure of meeting this lovely couple for their Worcester Couple shoot. We shot at a few locations all over Worcester and when we finally got to the last location, we were swarmed by tiny biting insects. I would say that the great images made up for all the scratching the next week LOL. Here is some of those images, feel free to share.

Jeanre & Luan – Engagement shoot

This is the engagement shoot of Jeanre & Luan. This stunning couple booked me for their wedding that is taking place later this year. I simply can't wait for it, as I think this is going to be one fun wedding! If I make a really cool connection with clients during the first meeting, the big day is bound to be awesome. Feel free to share.  

Family Photo Shoot – Dewald Kirsten

At the end of 2015, I ran a small special for people who needed a family photo shoot. Th end of the year is a great time to have family photos taken. It's that time of the year where everyone is in a holiday mood and people can't wait to get packing to hit the road to go on their annual family vacations. Generally, it's also the time of the year when family from all over get together. So what better gift than to give them some new family photos, especially all the grandmas and grandpas. So please avoid disappointment at the end of this year and book those shoots in time. Here is some of the images from last year.  

Matric Farewell – Hiromé

Finally I get to post this stunning Matric Farewell shoot I recently did for these stunning people. Hirome has been in contact with me for months about this, as he had made up his mind that he wants me to photograph this big day and that is that. We shot at the historical Klein Plasie here in Worcester and we had some magic light. Please feel free to have a look and share this with family and friends.  

Commercial Photography – JCR Transport Rawsonville

I recently got commisioned to do a Commercial Photography job for JCR Transport. We set out early one Saturday morning to get all the trucks lined up and ready to shoot. For the motion images I was hanging out the back of my car at 60km/h with the truck not even 10m behind the car. Shoots like this really gets my adrenalin, and my creativity flowing! These images will be up on his new website soon. This will be done by InTouch Marketing & Advertising. Should you think I can help portray your brand better, please contact me and I will help you get the best images possible for your business. Please feel free to like, comment and share this post.  

Worcester Engagement Shoot – Matthew & Megan

I met Matthew and Megan while I was in Yzerfontein to photograph Brent and Genna's wedding at Die Strandkombuis. The have booked the venue and came in for a meeting and bumped into me. Details was exchanged and as they say, the rest is history. We had their Worcester Engagement Shoot at the stunning Die Eike venue in Rawsonville. It was such a stunning day with stunning light. I am really looking forward to this wedding as I think its going to be a big one! Please feel free to like, comment or share this post.  

Trinity & Cody – Equestrian Photography

Trinity & Cody - Equestrian Photography A couple of weeks ago I did this shoot for Trinity and Cody. When I heard the story behind the shoot I just had to get involved. There is something about horses that is just magical and they have fascinated humans for centuries. I myself have never even ridden a horse before, but that does not leave me without any admiration and wonder for these majestic creatures. I saw a saying once that said: There is something about the outside of a horse, that is good for the inside of a human being. At one point we where playing with the one horse, Beauty, in the one pen. And to have an animal that probably weighs anything from 750kg upwards run a mere 2 meters past you at close to full tilt, is something to get the adrenalin flowing for sure! I really cant wait for the next time I get to photograph these amazing animals. But first, here is the story from Tania, Trinity's mother. "We rescued Cody a 4 year old Stallion/Anglo Arab on 5 March 2013 for my daughter's 10th birthday. He was in poor condition, undernourished and neglected. We introduced Cody to Trinity on the 14 March, 2014 and he stole her heart completely. The vet recommended to have him gelded, his wolf teeth removed and checked, this took place within the next two weeks of rescuing him. We decided to move Cody to the Worcester Riding Stables on 16 May, 2013 due to the fact that he did not know he was a horse, he desperately needed companionship. He handled the horse box very well for a young horse with no experience. We knew that this was going to take a lot of hard work and commitment to get him stronger and saddled, so Trinity began working with him every week in the lunging ring with ground poles. This was where the relationship from Cody became more trusting and challenging and at the same time strengthening the bond between the two of them and Trinity doing a perfect join up with him.On 1 October, 2013 was the big day when Trinity saddled him up for the first time to ride, to our amazement they handled it like they had been together for years.On one occasion we experienced a scare when Trinity took Cody on an out-walk, coming back to the stables without warning he took off with her towards the stables, we only realised afterwards why he had behaved in such a manner, due to his background being deprived of food he sensed it was feeding time and couldn't wait, luckily Trinity and Cody were not injured.On 12 April, 2014 Cody was entered into his first Riding Show to compete and they walked away with two 1st Place Rozettes.On a second occasion 16 May, 2014 Friday afternoon, Trinity took Cody into the small circle to work him. While cantering he bucked her three times in a row before she fell off with his hind hooves landing on her shins, she was rushed for X-rays, luckily no broken bones. Unfortunately this experience set her back +- 4 months more out of fear than of injuries. On 30 September, 2014 her trainer spent 4 hours with her in the saddle to overcome her fear, but we did not succeed. This is when I reached out to Dewald Kirsten, hoping that a photoshoot with her and Cody would bring the two of them back together again and to help her overcome the fear of getting back into riding. To our amazement at the end of the photo shoot the two of them were cantering around the main camp fearless and free. To date she canters on him bare back in the main camp, loving every minute." To have been part of such a special shoot and to see the happiness in Tania and Trudie(her trainer)'s eyes was just amazing. It takes guts, and a lot of it to get back up after being down, and there is a lesson to be learned for everyone in this story. No matter where you come from, who said and did what, how many times you have been scared and thrown off, just get up and ride the crap out of it. All those bumps and bruises just makes you stronger and wiser, so next time you will be able to hold on and get the situation under control. Well I hope you enjoyed the story and now here is some of the images from this shoot. At the bottom I have included some of the other images from the day as well. Here is a couple of the other images I shot on the same shoot.

Leipzig Country House Wedding – Nick & Moné

Finally all my edit work is up to date and I can start to share some of the amazing weddings I have done so far. First up is the wedding of Nick and Mone that was held at the awesome Leipzig Country House Wedding venue outside Worcester. Leipzig is one of my favourite wedding venues. The moody feel of this venue is just awesome. Most of it is converted from age old wine cellars and the textures and colours are just amazing. The walls is also decorated with a local artists creations and it adds to the magical feel of the venue. And then the food is also pretty dam great. So if you want to get a really cool wedding venue, look no further. Mone booked me fore her wedding more than a year ago! Moné is the cousin of one of my very first brides! So we have known each other for quite some time! And back then she said allready that I will be the one to shoot her wedding one day. Well that one day came and we had an awesome time! Ons sad part of the day was that Nick's dad passed away just days before the wedding. My condolences to Nick and his family. At her cousins wedding, we did a photo in the main hall at Leipzig and on her wedding she wanted to recreate it, well, that we did! Well I hope you all like the images as much as I and please feel free to like it, leave a comment or simply share it with your friends and family. The original image that was recreated  

Matric Farewell – HTS Drostdy

Here is some images from this years Matric farewell at HTS Drostdy. These two couples made for some really great photos! Have a look and let me know what you think please.  

Opstal Wedding – Rawsonville – Cameron & Kerry-Ann

Finally I can upload the images of this awesome couple. Cameron and Kerry-Ann decided that they don't want to do the big glamorous wedding, they wanted it more intimate with close family and friends, so they decided to get married in court. Now, just like the previous wedding, I like different. Different challenges me to shoot something different. On this day, it was one of those typical cold mid September days, but with some lovely breaks in the clouds. They had their small reception at the Opstal  Wedding venue just outside Rawsonville and it was just great. Well here is some of the images of their day, please feel free to let me know what you guys think of it.  

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