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Yzerfontein Wedding

Yzerfontein Wedding – Strandkombuis – Matthew & Megan

The places where I sometimes meet my clients is weird. 90% of the time clients will e-mail me first, but on the odd occasion I will randomly meet them somewhere, and that was the case with Matthew & Megan. In February of 2015 I photographed a Yzerfontein wedding at Strandkombuis and while photographing the decor, Matt and Megan happen to be there to view the venue for their wedding in November! We started chatting and as you can say, the rest is history. It was one of those magic West Coast days, perfect weather and pretty hot. As the wedding took place on the beach, everyone was in a relaxed mood. That relaxed mood took the part to a new level as they went into the night. Strandkombuis is such an awesome venue and even better food! If you want a beach wedding, this is the venue for you. Here is a link to the video trailer that was shot by the awesome team of Consuming Fire Films.

Worcester Engagement Shoot – Matthew & Megan

I met Matthew and Megan while I was in Yzerfontein to photograph Brent and Genna's wedding at Die Strandkombuis. The have booked the venue and came in for a meeting and bumped into me. Details was exchanged and as they say, the rest is history. We had their Worcester Engagement Shoot at the stunning Die Eike venue in Rawsonville. It was such a stunning day with stunning light. I am really looking forward to this wedding as I think its going to be a big one! Please feel free to like, comment or share this post.  

Strandkombuis Wedding – Yzerfontein – Brent & Genna

This was my first wedding at the stunning Standkombuis Wedding Venue in Yzerfontein on the West Coast of South Africa. What a stunning place. You have this rustic vibe, kick of your shoes and drinks some white wine with some amazing seafood, and to add the celebrations of a wedding to that and you have a winner recipe! Brent and Genna is one awesome couple, and loads of fun! Brent is this typical boertjie from the Cape and Gemma is this ginger beauty from Scotland. So to keep in the tradition, Brent wore a Scottish kilt and attire! They where lead in to the Scottish anthem being played on bagpipes on the beach in South Africa! And to top it all, they had the most awesome vows! I wish I could remember everything as I would surely have added it here. I can just remember some parts of calling each other numptees and standing by each other in the zombie apocalypse LOL, but it was great! What a party! And the food was great! One of the funniest parts was one of the sweet scotish ladies asking me what a koeksister was, and after she and her hubby of 82 had some they where really rocking the dance floor LOL! Well here is some of the images of the day, please feel free to like, comment and share this post!

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