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I am a landscape photographer based in the Western Cape of South Africa. My love for the outdoors has resulted in me pursuing my passion for photography and specifically landscapes.
Although I also covers various other events like weddings, sports and corporate events, landscapes will always be my true passion and the place where I can live out my artistic side.

From waterfalls to canyons to the stars, I strives to bring the viewer to scenes that they would never have seen and to bring fresh views of old and well known scenes. Landscapes is probably one of the
most challenging things to photograph well, cause all the elements needs to align to bring out the magic. The hunt for magic light will never stop.

All images on here is available to be purchased for prints or digital use. I also submit most of these images to local and international stock galleries where images can be bought Rights Managed or Royalty Free. Should you wish to purchase prints from me, please feel free to contact me for a quote via the contact for at the bottom of the page.

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