I was asked by Rae from the Brinksfontein Guestfarm, in the Moordernaars Karoo, to come and shoot the farm and the guesthouse for them.

I doesn’t take much convincing for me to go to the Karoo for 3 days. So off we went, the family with as well for this trip. We were treated by Rae for 3 days and to say that my little girl Emily enjoyed it, is an understatement! She still talks about it now nearly 2 months later.

The farm is situated about 60km from Laingsburg in the Karoo. This area is pretty desolate and with the recent droughts in South Africa, it’s even dryer than usual.

But one thing about the Karoo is the time, here you can literally feel the time stand still. We also planned this trip to coincide with new moon, so we could capture the best of the Karoo night skies, and man was that amazing. For anyone living in a decent size town, you will know that you hardly get to see the milky way at night, here it felt like you could really touch it, it’s amazing!

We were also treated to a show by a pair of nesting Black/Verreaux’s Eagles. They can be spotted early morning or late afternoon, from the porch of Brinksfontein! There isn’t many places where you can do that!

Well here is some images from the trip and the venue, please feel free to share or contact Rae via the linked text up above.

_MG_3409-Pano _MG_6892 _MG_7728 moordernaars karoo _MG_7751 _MG_7769 _MG_7824-Edit moordernaars karoo _MG_7866 moordernaars karoo _MG_7897 _MG_7934 _MG_7939 _MG_7966 _MG_8018 _MG_8030 _MG_8082 _MG_8087 _MG_8090-HDR _MG_8100-HDR _MG_8105-HDR _MG_8110-HDR _MG_8115 _MG_8133 _MG_8135 _MG_8137 _MG_8138-HDR _MG_8208-HDR-Pano _MG_8248 _MG_8253-HDR _MG_8273 _MG_8277-HDR _MG_8293 _MG_8309 moordernaars karoo _MG_8405-Edit _MG_8414-Pano-Edit moordernaars karoo

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