Right, here we go.

This has to probably be my best engagement shoot I have done to date. Not that any of my other shoots was bad, but this one will just probably be my most favourite one for a long time. The thing with engagement shoots is that its just a couple shoot, lots of hugs and kisses and giggles and laughs. One rarely get the chance to shoot something different, as not all couples are equally adventurous or open for new things.

Well, Sonia and Jerado wanted to do a shoot at Twede Tol in Bainskloof. When we got there it was packed, like most popular picnic spots is on a warm day. People where playing in the river and there was cars and umbrellas everywhere….

Not the ideal spot to do a shoot with people who probably have never been in front of the camera. Once they arrived and we started chatting, the guard at the gate asked us if we don’t want to go to the waterfall. Waterfall, well I am always keen for a waterfall! And so where they.

After a short hike we reached the waterfall and man was it spectacular! We ended of the shoot with them, myself and Hanro, a fellow photographer, up to our neck in the pool, sopping wet and ecstatic about the shots.

well, here you go, have a look and please tell me if you agree with me 😉

_MG_6632 _MG_6634 _MG_6642 _MG_6645 _MG_6651 _MG_6655 _MG_6662 _MG_6667 _MG_6677 _MG_6688 _MG_6690 _MG_6703 _MG_6716 _MG_6718 _MG_6739 _MG_6783 _MG_6785 _MG_6804 _MG_6813 _MG_6822 _MG_6824 _MG_6829 _MG_6831 _MG_6839 _MG_6852 _MG_6862 _MG_6866 _MG_6878 _MG_6881 _MG_6906 _MG_6922

Here is a behind the scenes shot from Hanro, just to prove what we did .




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