I recently had the opportunity to shoot in the studio of Sunshine Company in Cape Town. But that was not the highlight, the highlight was that I could use a state of the art Hasselblad H5D-50C camera and lenses as well as their Profoto lights for the day!

The first part of the shoot I did the recently published shoot for Deetlefs Estate as I wanted to take full advantage of the monster 50-megapixel sensor of the camera. The second part of the shoot I wanted to have a model to test things like focus speed and how easy is it to handle such a monster of a camera. At nearly R500 000 for the setup, this is probably not something I will own very soon, so I had to make full use of it for the day.

For the second part, I did a fitness shoot with the awesome Jody Calitz. She is a fitness athlete and trainer and is also a full on vegan athlete, something that commands huge respect from anyone. Jody was awesome and here are the images from her shoot. Please pop on over to her website to follow what she is doing.

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Bottle1_0100-Edit Bottle1_0113-Edit Bottle1_0176-Edit Bottle1_0182-Edit fitness shoot Bottle1_0327-Edit fitness shoot Bottle1_0334-Edit Bottle1_0385-Edit Bottle1_0405-Edit Bottle1_0407-Edit Bottle1_0473-Edit fitness shoot




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