I got this email one morning from Hentie asking about proposal photography, to which I replied but somehow it must have gotten lost in the interweb’s abyss, I got a phone call from a number showing Florida on my phone…weird, who would call me from all the way over there?

It was Hentie, so we had a quick chat about what he had in mind.

Basically to cut the story a bit short is that He wanted to ask Caitland, on her first trip to South Africa, to marry him in the African Bush. Now the Western Cape is not renowned for their amazing wildlife opportunities. After quite a few phone calls and WhatsApp messages back and forth the venue was decided. He booked a private game drive at Aquila Game reserve, just outside Touwsrivier. From there we would go to Kagga Kamma in the southern part of the Cederberg. Now its a bit of a drive but its worth it.

Right, so here was the plan.

Firstly I had to make a sign for him, saying: Would you Marry me Caitland. That was done while we just had our baby! I just figured I need to help this guy going through all the effort for this special day, and to say the least, I think we became friends in the process!

I was going to meet them at Aquilla, I was going to act like just another tourist that just happened to be on their game drive. So armed with my long lens I looked like a wildlife photographer. As we got on the game drive vehicle we introduced ourselves and I had to pinch myself from giggling like a little girl the first half of the trip! We chatted like this was how it was supposed to be. I asked what they do and where they are from, obviously I knew all of that already LOL.

I even offered to take photos of them and offered to mail these to them afterwards hahahaha.

So as we took the drive up the hill where the table was set with bubbly and flowers I got myself ready to jump out and start shooting.

As they say, the rest is history! Man, it was so special to be such a huge part of this special day for them.

From Aquilla, we drove to the stunning Kagga Kamma Nature reserve to do the formal engagement shoot. The location we did it at was their outcrop room under the stars! Simply mind blowing. Caitland got all dressed up and after a short quad bike ride with some laughs, we were there.

We were treated to a spectacular sunset.

So here is some of the images of this awesome day.

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