This was only my second Proposal shoot and it was very special!

Jaco contacted me a while ago about doing a couple shoot for him and Martin. He then mentioned that it was his intention to pop the big question during the shoot. This got me excited. I just LOVE these special moments I get to share with my clients.

Jaco said that I should choose the spot and the moment and he will get down on his knee and pop the question. I found the perfect spot where I could stand back and be out of earshot so they could have this special moment for themselves. I kept firing away and as soon as the question was popped and the ring was on the finger I came in close. Even I had a big lump in my throat!

The rest of the shoot was just as awesome, but lets not keep you waiting, go and check it out!

Thanks again to Charmaine from Die Eike Guesthouse and Wedding venue for opening your doors for us and this special shoot.

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