Here is the next wedding to be shared, its the stunning wedding of Johan and Karin that was held at the stunning DuVon Wedding venue outside Robertson.

I met Karin when she was still at school here in Worcester, in fact, she was one of the very first people that I photographed right at the start of my photographic career and that was at a school sport day! Looking back now at those images I cant believe how crap I used to be LOL, but obviously it left an impression on Karin who then went on and booked me for her wedding!

The whole wedding had a vintage party theme, with popcorn, punch and funky decor. I just loved the bright colours on the tables, something different and creative!

We had a stunning day for a wedding and this was my third wedding in a row where we had a pretty damn awesome sunset, which we managed to capture.

The reception turned out to be an awesome party and young and old rocked the dance floor

Kari got dressed at the stunning Orange Grove farm outside Robertson

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