This was one of the weddings that I was looking forward to the most so far this year. Adrian and Marlene had their Veldrif Wedding in the small fishing village on the West Coast of South Africa.

I have not been to Veldrift in many years and it was actually awesome to be there. There is some amazing places in and around that little town. It is probably best known for the small street called Bokkomlaan, that is situated on the banks of the Berg River estuary and you can see all the fishermen and the old jetties and the little fishing boats. The birdlife is simply amazing with huge flocks of flamingos wading in the shallows all over the place.

But enough of that. I know Marlene from school, as her brother, Attie, was with me in the class and we were good friends. But like most people, you lose touch with your old school friends after school and this was the first time in nearly 10 years that I have seen them again. So we caught up on loads of stuff.
What an awesome wedding, Adrian and Marlene were super rockstars the whole day, even thou Adrian forgot his wedding shoes at home and a friend had to drive all the way back to fetch them!

We simply could not have asked for better weather, being a winters wedding, there is always the chance of a torrential downpour, but not that weekend, it was stunning days, cold but clear and vibrant, not to mention the picture perfect sunsets.

Thanks for having me Adrian and Marlene, it was an awesome wedding, one to remember for sure!

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