It is always great to work with people that you know on a little more of a personal level than just the normal type of clients. Not that it is not great working with my normal clients, but if you know someone on either a more personal level before the wedding it adds a whole new dimention to the work on the wedding day.

We as photographers know more of the behind the scenes stuff and the personal details so when the special moments happen, its even more special for us. And with Edward and Robertha this was the case for me.

Robertha is the amazing manager/PA/Do-It-All lady that works for the doctor that delivered our baby girl! So we have had lots of talks on the phone, lots of hallo’s and good byes and chats when we went for our check ups and scans at Dr De Jong so we knew each other long before she even contacted me to photograph her wedding!

When people that you deal with like this contacts you for such a special occasion its just awesome!

Their big day was held at Skilpadvlei Wedding Venue in Stellenbosch. We had stunning weather for their wedding day and everything was just perfect.

Okay now for the next little bit of info…. At their wedding I photographed one of my all time favourite photos, and this image got quite a bit of traffic on the social media platforms when I shared it soon after the wedding.

We where busy with the couple shoot right after the ceremony and I could just see there was going to be an incredible sunset that night. So as we progressed with the shoot the idea I had just became more of a reality and I knew that I just had to get this photo I had in mind.

The image I had in mind was a reflection of the couple in the dam at Skilpadvlei with the sunset behind them….Thats should be easy you say, well guess what, as all great images, it was not as easy as it sounded. I quickly realise that I would ave to strip down to my underpants and get into the water to get this shot. So I briefed them quickly what I wanted to do and so I started stripping down. As a rule I ALWAYS have a second set of clothes in the car, one never knows what might happen and there you are stuck with only the set of clothes that you wore that day. So I had a back up plan incase all my clothes got wet, and it did!

Here is some behind the scenes images captured by the talented videographer. LJ7 Advertising.

photo -- 2 photo 5 photo--2 photo-1 photo-3 photo-5


This is the final resulting image:

Skilpadvlei Wedding

The final image from my stripping down and getting into the Water. When effort is put in, it will be rewarded

Here is a video link that Louis from LJ7 has created that featured the whole process.

So now you have seen all the behind the scenes schenanigans and what we do to get the very best shot for our clients.

So lets not keep you waiting much longer, here is a selection of images from the rest of the wedding.

Please feel free to comment and to share it with your friends and family.

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