Today I share with you this stunning Stellenbosch wedding, the wedding of Pieter and Jacqueline.

Now to cut a long story short, Jacqueline is the sister of one of my brides from last year, you can see their wedding HERE.

I was very happy when they decided to book me for their wedding simply as they are a very cool family and I just knew the wedding would be fun.

The wedding reception was held at the Protea Hotel TechnoPark in Stellenbosch and with that lovely view of the Stellenbosch mountains at sunset I can easily see why they choose that venue.

We did the couple portraits at the Jan Kriel High School in their pine forest. I just love shooting in these forests, the light can be magical! And it was!

The party was lots of fun and I really felt sorry for poor Pieter, the guys gave him al sorts of crap while he was doing his speech. I got some great action shots of the guys spraying him with streamers, but I know, its not always fun being on the receiving end.

So please have a look, leave a comment and please feel free to share with friends and family.

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