At the end of 2015, I ran a small special for people who needed a family photo shoot.

Th end of the year is a great time to have family photos taken. It’s that time of the year where everyone is in a holiday mood and people can’t wait to get packing to hit the road to go on their annual¬†family vacations.

Generally, it’s also the time of the year when family from all over get together. So what better gift than to give them some new family photos, especially all the grandmas and grandpas.

So please avoid disappointment at the end of this year and book those shoots in time.

Here is some of the images from last year.

family shoot _MG_2692 _MG_4720 _MG_4294 family shoot _MG_3806 family shoot family shoot _MG_3568 _MG_8098 _MG_7722 _MG_3525 _MG_2892 family shoot


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